A voice from the past

New computer. New programs and way too many days since last posting. Not sure if I will be able to do this. Work and age are catching up on me. And I don't think of myself as old ...YET! But I am slowing down and things are hurting and aching more and when I get sick....I get S-I-C-K! Thanksgiving week has been one of these weeks.  Thank God for a loving husband, an amazing Associate Pastor and four loving scotties who wanted to make sure mommie stayed warm. My boss has been amazing too as this is probably the busiest week of the year. Not a time for one of her managers to be ill! I am awaiting the birth of grandchild #14. Probably sometime in the next week. She isn't due for another 7 days and really wavers between wanting to have her NOW or wait until December 1st! If she makes it into December then there will be a month for each of them in the household. One of my grandsons is still going through his chemo. It's been almost a year since they rushed him from the ER by helicopter to another hospital for immediate surgery. Lucky his doctors noticed the signs. He's only nine and the chemo has been really rough on them all. I am thankful that he is still doing as well as he is. Maybe a little late but I was not in any condition on Thanksgiving to express my thanks at all. I'm thankful that I still have family even if we are all spread so far apart and don't always keep in touch. Some of my friends have lost loved ones even yesterday on Thanksgiving. Blessings to everyone and hopefully the year will end well for all. Maybe if I get this thing dusted off and figure out how to do things (AGAIN) I will see you again soon.

Dayna, Randy and the fur kids Scotty, Harry, SuzieQ and sweet precious Rosie!

The clan has changed

I was reading back over the blog and realized that our Scottie clan has changed so much since I posted last. We had just lost our Sam E. In October of that year we adopted a frightened little guy aptly named Scotty. He was terrified of people and would hide behind the toilet. He is now very well adjusted and has made himself at home.

outside 2

Miss Katie came to us through Memory of Monroe on October 28, 2007. We were at a Wiscots convention and heard Jan Seeger talking about an elder girl needing a home. She was an 11 year old silver brindle and had been with the same family since she was 9½ weeks old. Her crime? She started peeing on the floor! She was always an only dog even here in a house full of dogs. She kept to herself and didn't bother with the others at all. After several regimes of antibiotics she stopped peeing in the house. She lost a toe to cancer the first year here. We had to let her go on December 2, 2009. She had cancer of the jaw and sinus cavity. 

Katie new haircut3 

Shortly after Miss Katie went to the bridge one of the rescues sent me a photo of two elderly siblings sleeping on a bed together wearing coats I had donated. I said if the adoption they had set up fell through then we would take them. And take them we did.  Miss Allie & Mighty Max came to us through Memory of Monroe on January 16, 2010 at 14 years of age. She and her brother had been living in a barn, no vet care, no contact, BUT.... said the woman who turned them over to the animal shelter ....I fed them... as if that is enough! The shelter didn't think rescue would take them as they were in such deplorable condition. They shaved them down and bathed them to rid them of the dirt and fleas. Rescue took them the next day and wasn't sure they would even make it. Horrible urine burns, no fur (three hairs between the two of them was how they were described.), tumors and abscesses, rotted teeth and deplorable skin conditions. They fell right into the way of life here with good meals and lots of scritches and treats.

M & A snoozing

Bert... I got wings for Christmas!  Bert was our first, our bouncy Bert, our little black sheep. He had curly fur when it grew out. We adopted Bert from the Eastshore Humane Society while we were still in Connecticut. They held him for a week for us until we could get out here to pick him up. He was turned in because he had bitten a one year old. They should never have left a one year old on the floor with him and he had to have been hurt to have bitten. He was scared to death to even take a treat from your fingers for the longest time. He had a pin in his hip from being hit by a car. And was terrified if you raised a hand or threw a toy in his direction. Someone had not treated him very nicely. We loved our silly boy and had to make the tough decision on Christmas day 2010 to help him cross the bridge. We knew it was time when the other dogs all lay down beside him, cuddling him as if to keep him warm. They had never done that before. He had a rapidly growing tumor that was closing off his airway and he could no longer swallow.   

card 4

So we then had this young kid (Scotty) and the two old ones and felt we needed a companion for Scotty to play with. So in January when I saw a picture of this gorgeous young lady with the sparkle eyes I worked with STLSTR to bring Miss SuzieQ to join the clan. Gorgeous sweet girl who loves belly rubs and sleeps on her back like a "hussie"

I see you 165760_1734463860Hussie pose

In April we were to assist on a transport for Memory of Monroe. Randy picked up Harry a young rambunctious little boy on Saturday while I was at work and was to meet Jan the next day to pass him off. You guessed it. By the time I got home from work Randy was smitten and I contacted Jan and asked if he could join the clan. It's hard to get a photo of him because he is constantly in motion.

i am a looker 

Miss Allie who had been the weaker of the two elderly siblings started to decline and left us the day after Harry joined the clan. She had bladder cancer. We were concerned that Mighty Max might miss her but he is still a happy old man liven in the lap of luxury.

Miss Allie

So I think that brings you up to date. We have Mighty Max, Scotty, Prince Harry and Miss SuzieQ and they keep us on our toes here at Scottie Acres.

I'm back....for awhile at least

I dropped off the face of blog land because I got this incredible job that I loved. Sadly it left little time for much else in my life. At the moment I will have lots of time. My health has taken a huge hit this summer. Have been hospitalized 5 times, had three heart caths, two stents and came home today from open heart surgery. Guess God is trying to tell me something! He has been there with me through this whole ordeal and I am glad to have Him on my side. As I was skimming plowing through the thousands of emails and blog posts there was one from Shawnee announcing a table runner swap! I loved the apron swaps and quilt block swaps but haven't had time to join in for quite some time. So I am resurrecting my blog (even if only while I recuperate) and joining in the swap. I'm not allowed to lift more than 5 pounds.....a table runner can't be that heavy! I get to play with my Accuquilt GO! which I absolutely love!

Spooktacular Blocks

My blocks are done and in the mail. Bad photos I know. Just don't have the sun out to get better ones. Colors are pretty washed out. They really are much more vibrant. Jane gets to pick one for herself for holding the swap. That's why there are 13 instead of 12.

halloween blocks1 halloween blocks2

halloween blocks3 halloween blocks4

Sam E Williamson 5/2/1995 - 8/24/2009

Our Elder Statesman. The third one of the clan to leave us this year. He was my heart dog. He has gone to see his first father who is waiting for him I am sure. Sam E like all our clan was a rescue. His "father" had passed away and the woman of the house did not want Sam E. He must have been very loved by his father as he grieved terribly. He grieved and was scared and he started biting. He was kept in a kennel for 4 months. He probably wondered what was happening and where was his Dad. The noise scared him....so he bit. Until ... we found him and took him home to join the clan. He loved to go for walks! He wanted to be near you and to have his ears scritched. He did not like to be held but loved to snuggle with me on the chair. He was not vicious at all. In fact...he was a big baby. If he got frightened or the other dogs seemed to boisterous he would run and hide behind my legs and cry. He was really a gentle soul. Up until last year he would always stand up and dance for his treats. He loved turkey and popcorn! He was prone to ear infections for the first couple years and would tilt his head down for you to put the meds in them. It's like he knew you were helping to make it better. Sam E had a love for some cheap little fuzzy bones we had gotten. He would gather them like they were his babies and lick then as if to clean them. When all the dogs got new ones he would watch patiently until one was abandoned and would quickly run and retrieve it until he had them all. What a good daddy he would have been.

Sam E You got sumptin for me A_Sam E wanna play Handsome Sam E

We almost lost Sam E a year ago. He had become very ill and would not eat. He was so weak that I made an appointment to help him to the bridge. I sat with him and told him if he wanted to go then it was okay but if he didn't then he would have to let me know. That night he ate a half a teaspoon of baby food. And then another and another. Needless to say we canceled the appointment. He needed the meds to help his heart and he was doing well until recently. He could no longer make it up the stairs, he was loosing weight and he had a mass that grew rapidly in his stomach. We kept him comfortable and he got all his favorite treats. I'm thankful for that extra year we had with him. This time he told me it was time to go. This morning he earned his wings.

and MORE blooms! I Love Lilies!

I have more lilies coming in to bloom!

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