A voice from the past

New computer. New programs and way too many days since last posting. Not sure if I will be able to do this. Work and age are catching up on me. And I don't think of myself as old ...YET! But I am slowing down and things are hurting and aching more and when I get sick....I get S-I-C-K! Thanksgiving week has been one of these weeks.  Thank God for a loving husband, an amazing Associate Pastor and four loving scotties who wanted to make sure mommie stayed warm. My boss has been amazing too as this is probably the busiest week of the year. Not a time for one of her managers to be ill! I am awaiting the birth of grandchild #14. Probably sometime in the next week. She isn't due for another 7 days and really wavers between wanting to have her NOW or wait until December 1st! If she makes it into December then there will be a month for each of them in the household. One of my grandsons is still going through his chemo. It's been almost a year since they rushed him from the ER by helicopter to another hospital for immediate surgery. Lucky his doctors noticed the signs. He's only nine and the chemo has been really rough on them all. I am thankful that he is still doing as well as he is. Maybe a little late but I was not in any condition on Thanksgiving to express my thanks at all. I'm thankful that I still have family even if we are all spread so far apart and don't always keep in touch. Some of my friends have lost loved ones even yesterday on Thanksgiving. Blessings to everyone and hopefully the year will end well for all. Maybe if I get this thing dusted off and figure out how to do things (AGAIN) I will see you again soon.

Dayna, Randy and the fur kids Scotty, Harry, SuzieQ and sweet precious Rosie!

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