Check out.... Not Quite June Cleaver

she's having a giveaway for a book AND and apron! I wouldn't mind winning the book. More ideas for things to make. Just click on the picture and it will take you there!

Clare's Having a giveaway!

It's her 50th! ... post that is ... so she's having a pink giveaway. Click on over and check it out at Clare's!

Devotional Giveaway!

Over at Quilting Ranny -A Grandparents Journey of Raising Grandchildren Jean is giving away a copy of "My Time with God" a beautiful devotional book. I love these. Seems like many times the daily devotion passage is so apropos to what is going on in my life. If this is of interest to you then pop on over and make a comment to be entered into her drawing. There's a cute pin cushion to go along with it too!

cute aprons!

Every few months I have been joining in on an apron swap. It is fun and I get to make (and receive!) some neat aprons. It also has me checking out shops that have aprons on Etsy. One of those is Sassy Aprons. She has donated an apron as a giveaway on the latest swap I signed up for. (Lucy and Shawnee's Sassy and Flirty apron swap) Ain't it sweet???

red apron

I love red and polka dots and it has a nice vintage look to it. Wish me luck....maybe I will be the winner. Go check out her other aprons. They are just as cute!

Project Improv

On the right you will find the Project Improv button! I joined in and there are two parts. One is creating squares for charity quilts and the other is to make something...anything...quilt, wall hanging, table runner....using no pattern and doing something you haven't done before. In other words....out of your comfort zone! Out of that little box you live in. Scary???? You bet ya! But intriguing and because there are others out there doing the same thing there is the support. You can't make any mistakes because there are no rules. Won't you come join us?

Here is my block... I might even try a few more. Who knows...maybe even a whole quilt!

project improv

First Batch

Here is the first batch that I have done. Have more cut out and stacked up and will ship at the end of the month. What am I talking about? Pillowcases for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp! See my CHALLENGE made to all you blog readers.

I have been inviting customers (I work in a fabric shop) and friends and family to join in. Maybe you have some scraps (they don't take much) and 20 minutes? You could put a smile on a child's face! Jump in and join us.

Pillow cases

mail all pillowcases to Jackie Kunkel, 79 High Valley Drive, Canton, CT 06109. She'll know what they are for! Tell all your friends. Just one pillowcase from each can make a big difference.