I share with you......A few flowers

I love the Echinacea or cone flowers as many call them. The birds love them too! I have a small patch in back that don't bloom until late summer. This one is in the front garden. These red, red Asiatic lilies are out at the end of our driveway with some other lilies and the iris.

Another Asiatic lily that is in the garden outside the window. The orange is just soooo vibrant.


The Boomer and beyond Etsy Street Team held a swap during the month of June. The theme was summer. We received a name and address and our swap partner doesn't know who until they received their gift. I received this beautiful "sun dyed" scarf from my swap partner Liz Plummer. Notice the Scotties she did? Thank you so much Liz. Love the color too! Check out her shop! http://lizplummer.etsy.com My swap partner has yet to receive hers as it is only going out in the post today so i can't tell you who it is. It's a messenger bag sized quilted tote bag. Well sort of quilted. Big enough for a day at the market or to carry around that project you are working on.
The center of the front started with one of a batch of quilt squares I bought from another team member awhile ago just because I like the colors. Her shop is Joonbeam Recycled Art with Heart
The back has a simple pocket and I did a bit of fancy stitching here and there. Hope she likes it!

Catch up? Who can do that?

EtsyBloggers Street Team has a blog carnival and one of the theme's for this month is....
What are you going to catch up on, in July?
I would love to catch up on everything....or just anything! Just as I think I'm getting to the bottom of the laundry pile there is always another load. The weeds in the garden....they don't know they are suppose to stop growing once I pull them out! And then I get side tracked while pulling and start taking pictures of the flowers instead.
Looks like the mowing will never get caught up on. If it's not storms causing ponds where there shouldn't be ponds, it is tractors and lawnmowers breaking down. Hubby informed me that the mower deck on the tractor decided to quit yesterday! I have piles of fabric and zillions of projects in my head but with work I don't think I'll be catching up on those....Listing in my shop....oh yeah....ya gotta take pictures first which means a charged battery in the camera and daylight!
Sleep???? Now maybe there is something I could try to catch up on! Except the dogs have a set schedule and if I'm not up they will bark to get me up. But I can't complain about that because I get some really beautiful photos of trees and sun dappled leaves and cows at that time of day!
I could get moving on my Christmas cards....If I start now then maybe I'll have them all made in time to send for Christmas!
Catch up....Naw.....I'll just continue to plug along at my merry pace....smelling the flowers and enjoying the rainbows as I do!

The colors!

This is one of the new ones I planted last year. It is a day lily. Peachy orange in color.
Good sized bloom.Here is a photo taken from the same angle (more or less) as the one from this post. The Asiatic lilies are starting to really bloom! Oh....that red birdhouse has a family in residence! Click these photos to enlarge them. The colors show much better then.

Sometimes I amazed at the brilliance of the colors! They are so totally awesome! Notice the little yellow day lilies trying to peak out in the middle of this? Will have to make a note to move them.

button, button, who's got the button?

I like to use BIG buttons when making purses. Either as a button and loop closure or just decorative with a magnetic clasp. At work the other day the liquidator ran a ten minutes special....all cards of buttons just 2 for a dollar. Employees were able to take advantage at the end of their shift. Big buttons can be expensive sometimes. Some of these would have cost me $4.50 a piece. I think I did good!

I got featured!

I'm a member of the Etsybloggers Street Team. They do all they can to help promote the different shops. Today I was featured here!
Thanks Cozy!
It really brightened my day!

flowers in the rain

We had a couple of downpours this weekend. I was at work. My darling hubby snapped a couple of pictures of the flowers during the rain for me. Thought I would share them with you all!See all the buds on those lily plants just ready to burst out and show off?

nature's beauty

This is the time of year I really enjoy the flower garden in front of the house. As you can see in the background we are expanding this year but I wanted to share with you the graceful foxglove. It appears to be dancing, bending and swaying to the music ....don't you think?

My first lily of the year. Sooo many buds.

It is exciting as I planted many new varieties last year.

The simplicity of these. I don't remember what they are called. They are in the daisy family. Tall, dainty and with heads upturned looking for the sun!

Etsy Virtual Baby Shower

Every few months in the forums you will find the sign ups for the virtual baby shower. I have participated in the last two and have a great time doing it. There was a Storque article written about it when it first started.

Any shop can donate. Ficklefairie does a wonderful job of co-ordinating the whole thing. Can be an item for the Mom or the baby so don't not participate because you don't have baby items in your store! This shower is just ending and all the Mom's have been paired with several gifters. Besides the publicity you receive the feelings I get from just being able to give to someone else are just so gratifying. You can check out some of the gifts sent for the last couple of showers on this Flickr group. http://flickr.com/photos/etsybabyshower/?saved=1

Etsians are a compassionate giving group as well as great artisans in many different crafts.
Of course any baby item I send has Scotties on it!

Canton Village Quilt Works....GIVEAWAY!!!!!

First off you really should check out her website at Canton Village Quilt Works. Jackie is a professional longarm quilter so keep her in mind next time you need one quilted. Jackie is holding a super, duper, spectacular giveaway on her blog right now. It is so fantastic I ain't gonna tell ya what it is.....you'll have to go check it out for yourself. If you are a quilter you won't want to miss getting in on this one!
To enter go to....
and check out Rollo....head of the inspection department!

Miss Katie

Back in April our sweet Miss Katie was having a problem with her paw.(Katie's boo boo) After many vet visits and xrays and antibiotic treatments we had decided to put her under anesthesia and have a better look. When the tip of her nail was clipped the pus just oozed out so we had the nail removed back to the nail bed. We have been trying to get it to heal since and have gone through several courses of antibiotics and tonight it started to bleed again and is swollen. Another course of antibiotics and even though I don't like prednisone it has it's benefits. Will do a short term to bring down the swelling but it looks like at this point she will be having the toe removed. We did our best hoping that removing the nail would do the trick. She is the sweetest 13 year old girl there is. Happy and full of life and can she dance when treats are around! Here she is in her bed under my desk. She sticks close to me. We love her dearly.

Father's Day

My Dad has been gone since 1969. The last photos we have of him were taken at my wedding not even a month before. I still miss him. This is a photo of my Dad & Mom taken the day I got married. She passed away last fall. We miss her too.

water, beauty and more plants

The shining sun is the first we've seen in awhile. That large bush is our blueberry bush. In the middle of a "pond" that isn't suppose to be there! The grass is almost 2 feet high in that area. Haven't been able to mow this year as it has been too wet. The rose bush is blooming which adds a little touch of color. This is one of those old florabunda ones.
And these still sit in there pots waiting to be planted. Not today as I have to go to work and do a 10 hour shift. If it isn't raining then maybe they will go in tomorrow. I so want to get out and do some more gardening. It is nice to look out the window and see it all in bloom. I watch each day to see which flower may be starting to show it's beauty. And they bring the birds and the butterflies which adds a whole new show!

Fruits of our toil....

The sun shown all day today which gave us the opportunity to get some work done in the gardens. Can't mow as it is still too wet. Here is our three NEW tomato plants that I have been nursing in their pots! One Early Betty, one Brandy wine, and one cherry tomato plant. On the end are the windows to my office. I planted a row of hollyhock seeds I got from a neighbor. Hers are a gorgeous mix. Lets see if they do anything. This is the flower garden in the front of the house. Got some weeding done today. In the back corner there is our bleeding heart. Everything is getting a little crowded so we are going to be splitting soon!
Randy tilled around the tree and then started to till from the edge of the plants along the walk out to that tree. Didn't get it all quite done but made good progress. This is one of the strawberry digitalis plants. Really pretty. Along with the metal Scottie.
You can see where he tilled up to the lavender and digitalis plants. On the right are the canna plants and moon flowers that haven't made it into the ground. Hopefully on Monday or Tuesday as I work a 10 hour day tomorrow.

I'm Baaaack!

I've been missing in action here. Computer has been in the shop but it is back and running fine. Yipppeeee! I have started a new job this past week. The rains have rained and rained upon us but Our sump pums have kept up on the job. We do have "ponding" in areas but will not flood like so many of those with all this rain. Of course Scottie Acres is starting to look more like grazing pastures and wild jungle as we can't get anything mowed. The sun only comes out long enough to make things grow but not dry anything out. I've thought about renting a couple goats!
I do hope to be back to normal (what's that?) around here soon. And get back to posting in my blog. I miss it. Here is a photo I took of a tree frog on the railing of our deck last week during one of the 15 minute sunshine episodes!
Hug someone today. You will feel richer for it!

My View from the sewing room window

When I blogged about my sewing room the other day someone asked what the view was like as I look out over my machine. This is it folks. Of course it changes. The lilac bush on the right has finished blooming. After the iris fade there will be yellow lilies and in front of one of those trees is an old fashioned rose bush. It's on the cool side of the house in the afternoon so no direct sun shining in on me. The little birds like to sit on the Scottie there and the weather vane and chirp. Pleasant working conditions wouldn't you say?

sometimes ya gotta think about it....

So many times I wish I could read the minds of our fur kids. What are they thinking? Here is our Miss Sassy just sitting and staring out the door. Is she thinking about what she can find out there? Is it warm out? Is that really the sun? Nope...... She was thinking she would take a nap in the sun. Love that ole girl.

Alicia Mae - Featured Etsy Blogger

One busy woman - Alicia Mae! She makes all kinds of things and has three etsy shops to take care of. She is running some very generous sales right now as she plans to make a cross country move in July!
you'll find and eclectic mix of items....but hurry....they're going fast.

offers a wonderful array of photography and digital art prints.

and at
you'll find beads and clay pendants.
Now why don't we all mosey on over and see what she has....maybe lighten the load a bit so she doesn't have to pack all that lovely stuff.

My Mom Would Be Proud

Yup ... Mine would but this isn't about me. Although there are some similarities between Vicky and I. My Mom sewed and ironed and we were a family of six kids just like hers. She didn't learn to sew until later in life. I started at the tender age of 7.

But....the sewing bug caught her and I'm sure her Mom is watching wearing one of those aprons that every Mom wore back then. Vicky has collected fabrics so many of her aprons are one of a kind...unless she finds enough for two!

I like this one! For keeping your clothespins handy! Stop by and visit her and get one of these aprons. It will bring you down memory lane.

My sewing workspace

...we'll save the office/modeling center for later!
Way back in February I posted about the sorry state that my sewing room was in. You can refer to the posting if you want but beware!!!! you could get lost in a pile of fabric! http://scottieacres.blogspot.com/2008/02/i-cant-stand-it-anymore.html Well I have made some changes and cleaned up a bit until I go on another fabric frenzy looking for just the right piece. Just follow the photos and you'll understand. First one is looking into the room from the door way. Outside the windows is a really lovely view with birds and flowers and trees. My main machine is right there in the middle of the windows. To the right is my trusty Singer and the Babyloc serger. I had to move the old Windsor treadle out as I needed room for the cutting table.And here is the cutting table! I have a custom baby quilt in process sitting on it. Room for bin storage (fabric ) underneath and it is on casters.
Yup....that is the guest bed. As soon as a guest leaves I wind up using it for projects in process.

This is the left side of the closet that runs the length of the wall. Six bins of cottons and flannels and chenille, quilt batting and pillow forms and some rolls of double knit fabrics I just couldn't resist. (they have Scotties on them) That garbage bag just in front is full of vintage chenille spreads that I just got to cut up for projects.

Right side of the closet with more cottons and flannels. In the space between the two (behind the wall the black forest cuckoo clock is hanging on) are bins with corduroy and Christmas fabrics.
Now where are all the rest of the fabrics and projects you ask? I had to hide them somewhere... This bin is Christmas...
Hubby's end of the walk in closet. Those two huge tubs are full of Scottie fleece.
My end of the closet...these are full of drapery type fabrics and suede.

In the guest bathroom shower/tub is another big bin of Scottie fleece

In my office shower that we never use....It has become storage for bins of fabrics and other projects and stuff that we just want handy but out of the way like the toilet paper and Kleenex.

Okay....so I have lots of fabric....most of it with Scotties on it. You just need to know where to look for it.