button, button, who's got the button?

I like to use BIG buttons when making purses. Either as a button and loop closure or just decorative with a magnetic clasp. At work the other day the liquidator ran a ten minutes special....all cards of buttons just 2 for a dollar. Employees were able to take advantage at the end of their shift. Big buttons can be expensive sometimes. Some of these would have cost me $4.50 a piece. I think I did good!


Sixsisters said...

Nice haul Dayna ! Looks like you made great choices.

Anonymous said...

I too like BIG buttons. Have purchased a few handmade from etsy artists. I am in the slow process of beadweaving one into a necklace or bracelet, while trying to keep up with family, obligations, and moving my studio. Whew!


HomeMadeOriginals said...

What a great bunch of buttons!