Scottie love

Everyone knows we love Scottish terriers. We have 5. All rescues and they are all getting to be seniors. Not often do we get a chance to catch a photo of them being close as they have very independent personalities. Sam E at the top will be 13 next month. He is now totally deaf and is on Phenobarbital for seizures. He's my elderly statesman. Miss Sassy is the one towards the bottom. She is queen mother and rules the youngest with an iron snarl. If he doesn't listen quick enough he might just get a nip. She turned 13 in March. She has lost most of her hearing too. A puppy mill rescue she has come a long way.

foam & fabric

I've been having some fun making mouse pads and foam backed fabric coasters . It's interesting going through the fabric stash and visualizing what parts of the fabric will look like on a small piece all by itself. Here are a few of them. You can find more in my store plus lots of other items. Remember that Mother's Day is just around the corner!

featured artist "Mommie Made It"

Not sure how I stumbled across her shop. Could have been my browsing for treasury picks or a link from somewhere or someone said something about her. Doesn't matter....I'm just happy I did. I have always wanted labels to sew on items I made. Have looked into them on many occasions but the cost for what I wanted did not fit within my budget. Well look what I got!Mommy Made It designed my label just as I wanted and the price was well within my budget! All labels are custom order and she can make them the size you want as she prints them herself. She has a sense of humor as anyone who visits her shop will notice right off!

Custom graphic design or ready made from her shop. She can help enhance your photos, create unique banners, or even sell you a little Amigurumi!

If you make items that you would like to label with pride then visit her shop. Even if you don't want labels....visit her shop. You'll enjoy it!


Largest Oxen in the World
Right - Mt. Katahdin and Left - Granger, their combined weight 9800 pounds
Bred and owned by Mr. A.S. Rand of Stetson, Maine
Photo taken August 24, 1930
I don't remember the relationship in our family tree but my brother has the original picture in it's frame that has been passed down through the family. Photo is probably 3' x 4' as I remember it hanging over the bar in our family room as a kid along with the cattle prod that you see in the photo.

Stormy Design's featured artist

Stormy Design's is the EtsyBloggers featured seller of the month. A mother, grandmother, pet lover she comes from a family of artists of various mediums. I couldn't resist showing you these cute paw earrings although her special talents lies in her endearing polymer clay pieces. In am earlier life she operated a country woodcraft business but in late April of 2007....yes just a wee short time ago...a friend talked her into trying polymer clay.
She has found her passion in sculpting with this medium. Visit her shops below.

"Pieces of April"

Raindrops......... and new buds

Miss Katie's boo boo

I owe our homestead and our store name to our love of Scotties. Right now we are owned by 5 rescues and they are all at this point but one....seniors. Miss Katie is a sweet little ole gal and several weeks ago we saw her starting to limp. Off to the vets....Xrays and poking and prodding and they said give her baby aspirin it is probably a sprain. Not better and by the weekend we took her to the emergency hospital where they poked and prodded and wrapped it and gave her a pain killer. several days later I am at the vets again. My poor baby is in pain. More Xrays show a swollen digit so antibiotics and anti inflammatory were added and the wrap was off. I as a parent by yesterday was getting a tad...(okay, more than a tad) upset. This morning Miss Katie went under sedation, had another Xray and as they cut the tip of her toenail pus just ran out of it. No wonder she was in pain! It must have throbbed terribly!. The toenail was totally removed and cultures sent to Marshfield to check for cancer just in case. My pretty girl is now home with her meds and a bandage wrapped around the paw and sleeping much better. Thanks to all my friends who prayed for her today.

I finally finished them!

There have been some people who have listened to me complain about working with checks and the fabric being "wonky". I finally pulled and stretched and got the black and white checks on these place mats to square up. They are done and on their way to their new home. An Italian bistro inspired dining room I hear.

Daisies & Diamonds

Etsy bloggers team has this thing called a blog carnival. Heck...I have no idea what it is but I'll make an attempt. At my age I don't have a lot of brain cells that know what they are doing. is my attempt. I found this fabric this year that I have fallen in love with. It is green and blue with funky retro Scotties and daisies on it. I have been making lots of things with it, One is this great adult apron.
I don't have any of those shiny diamond rings. Never have been into diamonds much but have this cute little green baby bib with diamonds on it. It reverses to a green with Scottie does come from the Scottie Acres Boutique!