Monday Memory

Almost forgot that today was Monday!

Sometimes memories are not always sweet or happy. Sometimes they are about hurt or misunderstandings.

20020611_Dcp_0670_Lilac First grade....I walked to school and home by myself. Even crossed streets without crossing guards in those days! It was spring and the lilacs were blooming. There was a house I passed that had the biggest most beautiful lilac bush I have ever encountered. Each day I would stop and smell them. To a little girl they were just heavenly. One day the lady who lived there asked if I would like some to take home to my mother. I was thrilled and excited. She cut me a bouquet that was almost as big as I was. I thanked her (that's what I had been taught to do) and skipped on home with a smile on my face. I had a huge bouquet to give to my Mother. Beautiful flowers just for her. It was special. Her response was not what my little heart had expected.

She yelled at me for stealing flowers from someone's yard! Called me a little thief! She wouldn't even listen when I tried to explain that the nice lady gave them to me to give to her! My heart that was so full of happiness broke with hurt that my gift to her had caused unhappiness instead of the smile that I had hoped for. I don't remember what happened. I think she went to the ladies house but to me it did not matter. I never brought her flowers again even though I loved her. Not even when she died.

Needle Types

THERE'S A LARGE VARIETY OF NEEDLES AVAILABLE TODAY but the general rules for usage still hold true. Use sharp points for woven fabrics, ball-point needles for knits and universal points for both wovens and knits. Needle sizes are usually marked with European and American numbers, with the European number first. Needle sizes range from 60/8 (finest) to 120/19 (thickest).
Ball-point/stretch needles have a slightly rounded tip that goes between the threads of a knit fabric--available in sizes 70/10 through 100/16.
Sharp (Microtex) needles have a sharp point to pierce the threads of woven fabric--good for heirloom sewing and quilt piecing. Available in sizes 60/8 through 90/14.
Universal needle points are slightly rounded for use with knit fabrics, yet sharp enough for wovens--available in sizes 60/8 through 120/19.
Denim/jeans needles have an extra-sharp point and stiff shank for stitching denim, heavy faux leather and other densely woven fabrics. Available in sizes 70/10 through 110/18.
Leather needles have a wedge-shaped point to penetrate leather, suede, heavy faux leather and nonwoven fabrics--available in sizes 80/12 through 110/18.
Machine-embroidery needles are designed to prevent thread shredding and breakage when sewing dense designs with rayon, metallic and other embroidery threads. Available in sizes 75/11 through 90/14.
Metallic needles feature a longer eye, fine shaft and sharp point to eliminate thread breakage, shredding and skipped stitches. They also work well with monofilament threads. Also known as Metallica, Metafil and Metallic Machine Embroidery--available in sizes 70/10 through 90/14.
Quilting needles have a sharp tapered point to sew through thick layers and across seams--available in sizes 75/11 through 90/14.
Topstitch needles have an extra-sharp point, larger eye and groove to accommodate topstitching thread. Available in sizes 80/12 through 100/16.


Special-purpose needles
These needles are used only with front-to-back threading machines with zigzag features. Make sure your throat-plate needle hole is wide enough to accommodate needle's width, and zigzag width function is set at zero to prevent sideways movement.

Hemstitch (wing) needleHemstitch (wing) needle
Uses: Hemstitching or heirloom embroidery on linen and batiste.
Configuration: Has fins on sides of shank to create holes as you sew.
Troubleshooting: Stitch is more effective when needle returns to same needle hole more than once. If needle pushes fabric into needle hole, put stabilizer under fabric.

Twin (double) needleTwin (double) needle
Uses: Topstitching, pin tucking, and decorative stitching.
Configuration: Two needles on single shaft produce two rows of stitches. Measurement between needles ranges from 1.6mm to 6mm, and needles come with universal, stretch, embroidery, denim, and Metallica points.
Troubleshooting: Be sure throat plate allows for distance between needles.


Triple needleTriple needle
Uses: Same uses as for double needle.
Configuration: Cross bar on single shaft connects three needles to sew three stitching rows. Comes with universal point in 2.5mm and 3mm widths.
Troubleshooting: Same as for double needle.

Spring needleSpring needle
Uses: Free-motion stitching with dropped feed dogs.
Configuration: Has wire spring above point to prevent fabrics from riding up onto needle, eliminating need for presser foot.
Troubleshooting: Before using, practice free-motion stitching with heavy regular needle, paper, and dropped feed dogs. Don't pull paper/fabric; instead gently guide it through stitching. Wear safety glasses for free-motion work, since needles often break.

Understanding the sewing machine needle

Understanding the basic needle parts helps to better understand the needle's functions.

The needle shank is the area inserted in the machine and held in place by a screw or clamp. Most household sewing machine needles have a flat shank side. This should be positioned opposite the threading path. On most of the newer machines the flat side goes to the back.

The groove is an indentation down the front of the needle shaft which leads the thread from the last machine thread guide to the needle eye.

The needle shaft is the long portion that penetrates the fabric with each stitch.

The eye is the receptacle for the thread and should allow it to pass through smoothly and freely for proper stitch formation.

The point is the sharp or rounded end penetrating the fabric.

The scarf is an indentation at the back of the needle above the eye. A long scarf helps eliminate skipped stitches by allowing the bobbin hook to pick up the upper thread more easily.

Next...Needle types

Needles....which one to use?

Working in a fabric shop I often get asked which needle to use in people's machines....that ....and which thread but that is a whole story! Many have never changed the needle in their machines and had no clue there were different types or sizes!

Most sewing machine needles will fit on almost all your standard sewing machines. I say most as some of the old machines need special needles and I'm sure someone out there has a machine that just doesn't fit in here. Most packages have both metric and American sizing on them and may appear as 80/12 or 110/18. The smaller number is the American sizing system and the other is the metric number related to the size of the shaft. The larger the number, the bigger the shaft diameter. You should use the proper size needle for the fabric you are sewing on and the weight of the the thread you are using.

Many packages sold will tell you what type of fabric they are made to sew on. Sewing experts differ on actually how often a needle should be changed. Many people don't change theirs unless it breaks! Recommendations range from every 8-10 hours of sewing time to changing with each new project. However often you decide if you experience any stitching problems, always check your needle. A dull or burred needle can cause fabric snags or puckers.

Next post - Understanding the sewing machine needle

Happiness is "The Scotties"

This time it's not about the little black furry ones that run our household. The husband of one of my bible study members collects albums. He gifted me with this album. I've never heard of the group before and nothing turned up on a quick (and I mean real quick) Google search. I don't have a turntable any more so would be interested in finding something on Youtube maybe. The back reads..."THE SCOTTIES" immediately conjures visions of kilts, haggis, and bagpipes: but you would be only half right, for you are listening to a mother, father, and son team - a truly memorable, multi-talented and highly entertaining trio!
Their showbusiness background spans three generations, originating in Scotland and now carrying on a tradition in America. Nick Senior was born and reared in Scotland of Italian born parents. Heather is all Scottish _ with a little bit o' Irish wa-ay back -- which makes their son, Nick, an interesting combination!
When they perform, something happens every minute. A typical show involves organ, accordian, guitars, banjos, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trombone, violins, comedy and way-out impressions. There are also selections in Italian, French, Jewish and Spanish.
This album gives you the opportunity of hearing some of the best and most requested musical numbers in their vast storehouse of talent, including two of young Nick's original compositions. The SCOTTIES have played all over Europe and now make their home in Hollywood, Florida.
On side one: Medley:Day By Day - O Happy Day - Put Your Hand in the Hand; Danny Boy; Bye Bye Blues; To See You Smile (original); Return to Sorrento
On side two: Medley: It Only Takes A Moment - What The World Needs Now; If You Want To Love Me Forever (original); The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise; The Baby In The Hoose; Medley: Granada - Malaguena
It was produced by Art Records Manufacturing Company

Another Monday Memory

Thanksgiving Day...all the trimmings....don't remember the year....just the house. Set down to the table...say grace...and begin to eat. My Mother begins to cry. It is the first Thanksgiving we weren't sharing with relatives. We cover the dishes and pack them in the car and set off for Maine to share Thanksgiving dinner with my grandparents. A example of the love between my parents.

Finished....sort of....

Miss Katie checks it out. We are attending an NMRA Winnebagoland Division Model Railroad meet this weekend in Iron River MI. I usually take along a model of a train or structure that I have done. This time I wanted to join some of the ladies in the non-rail popular vote contest. Ladies do cross stitch or make teddy bears with train clothing or paint mail boxes. That sort of thing. This time I have this to enter. I will still need to finish up some quilting on it but it is done far enough where I can take it along. Miss Katie says get that thing off my spot on the couch!train quilt

F is for frog

What little kid wouldn't love to cuddle up with this "FROG TONGUES Zany Cuddle Blankie" by "Two Zany Zebras"?
Who could resist this little guy? "Mr. Froggie goes to Hawaii" can be found residing at Big Island Rose Designs.

You'll find these darling "Frog Hemp Earrings" in Rana Muck's shop. This is a new design for her. Also visit her Mom's site Lisa's Hillside Bakery for yummy treats!

How cute is "Freda, the Praying Frog Angel" found in Jill's Treasure Chest. Great for lover's of frogs or angels!

"World View" is from a shop belonging to a member of the WWWG team who is running a benefit for Meals on Wheels during the month of September. Her shop is called ElenaMary's

Miss Sassy 03/03/95 - 09/16/08

Miss Sassy-2. 100_0100our girl I lost tug of war

On September 28, 2003 a skinny little ball of fire came into our lives. We made a promise to her that she would be happy here for as long as she lived. She was born on March 3, 1995 and lived her life, until she was rescued, in a cage giving birth to litter after litter of puppies until there was nothing left of the wee girl. She was rescued by some sweet ladies who allowed her to come and join the Williamson Clan. She arrived here via a Waggin' train and everyone who came in contact with her fell in love with her. She had the most soulful eyes. Today I took her to the vet. She just seemed out of sorts the past couple of days. Nothing you could put your finger on but was very uncomfortable this morning and would not eat or drink and could barely walk. X-rays showed she was full of cancer. It was over taking every organ. She looked at me and a tear fell from her eye. My little girl who had been so lively was ready to go and left peacefully while I held her. The others have said their goodbyes and she will be buried in the garden outside the window. Run through the meadows sweet girl. You were loved by many.

Monday Memories - just an early one

My Internet friend Myfanwy said she was going to do some Monday Memory posts. I thought that was a great idea. Lots of BIG gaps in my past but it would be nice to remember tidbits each Monday so I'm going to try and join her in this journey.

One room log cabin...huge black wood stove.....icebox that we went to town to get big blocks of ice to keep things cold. Cast iron sink with a tub for washing. Learnin' to prime the pump at the well. Kettle always settin' on the back of the stove with hot water for whatever was needed. Kerosene lamps to read by at night. Old pendulum clock that ran on an 8 day cycle I think. Grampa's carvings hanging off the rafters. Mattresses  piled on the bed in the corner.

A little girl who would share huge blueberries on rice krispies in her Hoppa-long Cassidy dishes in the morning while Grampa had his eggs and toast. Fresh tomatoes and leaf lettuce with sugar at lunch. Cold watermelon brought up from the well. Sweet peas and gladiolas  growin' in the garden. Traps set out to catch the wood chuck's that ate the plants. Life of an innocent.

popular attire - adult bibs



Adult Bibs have been a popular item in my Etsy shop as well as the everyday world. They aren't just plain and boring ones either! As I do custom orders I have been requested to make ones with beige floral prints for a woman recovering from a stroke to blue for a guy and floral for his girl friend to use as "burrito protection". I have made them for business men to keep their ties clean and the one pictured above was a gift for our friend's birthday. Albert is a long time railroad fan and was a modeler until his eyesight got so bad he couldn't see anymore. I made him this reversible train bib. Now I need to make one to fit this little guy so he and his "Bumpa" can have matching bibs. That is your's truly holding Titus at 3 weeks old.



It's a sign of the times. It intrudes into our life and I hate it. The constant beeping at me of every gadget around.

This morning (as with a lot of mornings) I awoke to a shrill and insistent beep...beep....beep....pause....beep....beep....beep. My husband's computer at the other end of the house has a program that alert's you when it overheats. It does it quite frequently at night when his anti virus programs are doing their scans. Of course it doesn't wake him up.....just me. Then I hear another beep....not as insistent and not as shrill and with longer pauses. Where is it coming from and what is it. Ahhhh! Hubby's cell phone....letting us know that his battery is low!

Appliances beep to let us know they are finished with their cycles (the washer, the dryer, the micro-wave and that cute little Spotbot that cleans all the piddle spots the dogs make) The oven beeps at me if I haven't hit start and it beeps when it gets up to temperature and it beeps when the cooking time is over. The answering machine beeps that we have a message and beeps if the power has gone off. Husband's computer beeps if it is time to change the password. The car beeps if the keys are left in or the lights on when you get out or your seatbelt isn't fastened (the van goes did it get a ding-ding instead of a beep?) Our registers at work beep if you hit the right keys and beep if you hit the wrong ones! The scanners beep to tell you that it didn't scan and beeps if it did!

The power sources on the model railroad layout beep when it starts and has a variety of different beeps that are suppose to tell us different things are wrong.

Whatever happened to waking up to the sound of birds singing? .....and the only beep beep was a car horn?

E is for embroidery

ACEO felt mushroom morel embroidery butterfly is an original found in the shop of
Sassa Lynne
offers a beautiful assortment of perle threads for embroidery. This one is called Swinging Sixties Sassa Lynne Serendipity Perle 55

CRAZY QUILTIN', Crazy Quilt Banner

by Quilting Cafe is definite eye candy!

Investigate Everything Fabric Metal Collage
Colorful Dayz
shows us another way to use embroidery!

PegGradyArt does embroidery on paper creating this Embroidered Figure Study

favorite color

today my favorite color! Bright and cheery like the trees and the grass in spring. Like this little bib with the ladybugs on it.99 ladybugs a ......or these funky green placematsplacemat funky green.....or in this green scottie bling T-shirttee shirt lime 2 

but ....maybe not.....maybe my favorite color isn't green at all and pink and purple and red and yellow and, and.....I just LOVE all colors! I can't just pick one favorite!

wordless wednesday - beautiful autumn sky

D is for Dream

Sweet Dreams Dress from

lampwork and silver dream pendant from

Susan's Art Glass and Silver Jewelry

Sweet Dreams Fairy is from

ACEO - Window to my Dreams comes from the shop of

wordless wednesday - the start of fall blooms