The story of Ralph

My maternal grandparents have been deceased for many years. My grandfather Ralph Morin died when I was about 10 I think. I really am not sure anymore exactly when. My Grandmother Loretta (Young) Morin passed away in April of 1968 while I was away in Australia attending school. By today's standard's they both died young in their early 50's. You ask what this has to do with Ralph? Well at some time during their life together Grampa Ralph gave Grammy Morin a mink stole. Through the years my Mom had it. I don't think she ever wore it but she kept it. Last November my Mom passed away and my sisters asked if I wanted the stole. I of course said yes. Not because I would wear it although it was lovely. I never had anything that belonged to my Grandmother after she passed away. Anyway... Ralph was made from that mink stole. I waited to name him until I saw how he looked. He definitely looked male to me...otherwise he would have been Loretta! Here is a photo of my grandparents. I'm hoping one of my sisters can find a photo of my grandmother in her mink stole.

Wordless Wednesday - Ralph

I'll tell you about Ralph tomorrow.

I'm Baaaack!...and the HOT MAMA apron swap

I have been missing in action and hope to be able to remedy that. I got a promotion at work which took me away from things and I think even though the hours are long that I might be able to get back on track now. I signed up for the HOT MAMA apron swap and this is what my swap partner will be getting in the mail. The whole swap was based hot drinks. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate. You get the picture.

hot MAMA 1

What little I got about my partner told me she liked red but her least favorite color was grey. She loves flavored hot chocolate! I included a set of coasters I made to match the apron and an assortment of hot chocolate mixes. These apron swaps are so much fun!

H is for honey

Oatmeal Milk and Honey from

The Copper Cauldron

Honey Dew Earrings from Bella's Gems

bees on honeycomb - dog collar from


Lila's Cafe - Oats 'N Honey Dog Cookies

from Camphor Creations