I love to cook on the grill....

I love cooking out on the grill any time of the year. Yup....I even do it in the winter during snow storms. Ask my friends! But I love cooking outside more in the summer because of all the fresh veggies I can get. Tonight we had two of my favorites. Zucchini and asparagus. Very simple preparation. Cut the ends off the zucchini and slice them in half. I like the smaller ones. With the asparagus just cut off the ends. Then brush them both with olive oil. Don't be shy....give them a nice liberal coat. Then sprinkle them with wasabi seasoning. You could use something else but this is my favorite. Rub your steak with "Kitchen Bouquet" to help keep the juices in. Then put them all on the grill. The zucchini are done when they are tender. The asparagus turns bright green and the tips get a little crispy. The steak is cooked to whatever doneness you prefer.
Prep time: about 10 minutes Cooking time: about 10 minutes or longer for a thicker steak.

Space frog!

It is actually a little tree frog clinging to the outside of our sliding glass door during a thunderstorm last night. It was really pouring out at the time thus all the little white "stars".Here is a link to my Flickr set of flowers from the garden. I have a lovely assortment of lilies this year as I added quite a few last year.

projects....and new fabric

I've been neglecting the blog lately.....life sometimes does get in the way. I'm enjoying my new job....what person who sews wouldn't love working in a fabric shop! I do have some projects in the works. Custom order for place mats. Pink ones are done and the blue ones need topstitching. They will ship on Monday. Order for an apron, place mats and coasters to match. Coasters are done, place mats are cut and pinned and apron is being cut. Should ship on Monday also if all goes well. Need to topstitch a blanket yet that will also ship on Monday.
Now to the fabric piece I picked up yesterday. I can't get a good picture of it but maybe you can get an idea of the texture. It is a blue Persian Lamb velvet. I got this piece that is a little over 2 yards for $4.03!!!! It is sooooo soft. I have watched it hang there at work and finally said....it's going home with me. I'm thinking maybe a vest, maybe a neat bag, maybe a hat and scarf.......
What do you think?

Sam E ... don't touch my green bean!

Our Sam E has not been feeling good and spent Saturday night and all day Sunday in intensive care at the the vet hospital. He is home with us. Still labored breathing and not eating but still taking in fluids. I snapped this photo on Friday. One of his favorite treats are frozen green beans. I knew he wasn't feeling well when all he did was lick it and set his head down with his nose on it. Hope we find some answers soon. He's only 13 years old!

Featured Etsy Shop - A Keeper's Jackpot

A Keeper's Jackpot has such a lovely array of necklaces and bracelets! From polymer clay to beads to crocheting with wire this crafter has expanded her talents and abilities all because of a handmade beaded necklace she received as a gift!
The name of the shop is an anagram of the nicknames of her husband and herself and their two cats. I am always intrigued about how people decide on names!

A Keeper's Jackpot

makes custom beaded name bracelets. I love these. Reminds me of the beaded bracelets put on newborns years ago. She has lots of options. Convo her and ask if you have a question!

I love this as I am trying to get my Christmas stuff done NOW. Christmas in July ya know! This is a simple Christmas necklace that would make a lovely gift. She also has a clear glass one in her shop. Check out all she has to offer!
and while you are at it ....just bring your coffee along....come on now.... check out her blog

Can I have some?????

I'm just sittin' here minding my own business and then ..... I SMELL IT!

Whatcha got there Mom? Sure smells good Mom.....
Think I can snatch some from that box without her seeing me do it?

Well.... at least she let me lick her fingers!