Spooktacular Blocks

My blocks are done and in the mail. Bad photos I know. Just don't have the sun out to get better ones. Colors are pretty washed out. They really are much more vibrant. Jane gets to pick one for herself for holding the swap. That's why there are 13 instead of 12.

halloween blocks1 halloween blocks2

halloween blocks3 halloween blocks4

Sam E Williamson 5/2/1995 - 8/24/2009

Our Elder Statesman. The third one of the clan to leave us this year. He was my heart dog. He has gone to see his first father who is waiting for him I am sure. Sam E like all our clan was a rescue. His "father" had passed away and the woman of the house did not want Sam E. He must have been very loved by his father as he grieved terribly. He grieved and was scared and he started biting. He was kept in a kennel for 4 months. He probably wondered what was happening and where was his Dad. The noise scared him....so he bit. Until ... we found him and took him home to join the clan. He loved to go for walks! He wanted to be near you and to have his ears scritched. He did not like to be held but loved to snuggle with me on the chair. He was not vicious at all. In fact...he was a big baby. If he got frightened or the other dogs seemed to boisterous he would run and hide behind my legs and cry. He was really a gentle soul. Up until last year he would always stand up and dance for his treats. He loved turkey and popcorn! He was prone to ear infections for the first couple years and would tilt his head down for you to put the meds in them. It's like he knew you were helping to make it better. Sam E had a love for some cheap little fuzzy bones we had gotten. He would gather them like they were his babies and lick then as if to clean them. When all the dogs got new ones he would watch patiently until one was abandoned and would quickly run and retrieve it until he had them all. What a good daddy he would have been.

Sam E You got sumptin for me A_Sam E wanna play Handsome Sam E

We almost lost Sam E a year ago. He had become very ill and would not eat. He was so weak that I made an appointment to help him to the bridge. I sat with him and told him if he wanted to go then it was okay but if he didn't then he would have to let me know. That night he ate a half a teaspoon of baby food. And then another and another. Needless to say we canceled the appointment. He needed the meds to help his heart and he was doing well until recently. He could no longer make it up the stairs, he was loosing weight and he had a mass that grew rapidly in his stomach. We kept him comfortable and he got all his favorite treats. I'm thankful for that extra year we had with him. This time he told me it was time to go. This morning he earned his wings.

and MORE blooms! I Love Lilies!

I have more lilies coming in to bloom!

724 1 724 2 724 3 724 5 724 9 724 11 724 12 724 13 724 14 724 15 724 16

More Blooms

You might get the idea that I like lilies! Over the past several years I have been adding new varieties. They aren't the only flower in the garden but they are the most prominent.

71401 71402 71403 71405 71404 71407 71406 71408 71409 71411 71410 71413b 71418 71419 71420

Craft Hope Blankets

Craft Hope is a faith-based, love inspired project designed to share handmade crafts with those less fortunate. It is our hope to combine our love for crafting and desire to help others into a project to make a difference around the world.

This time we have partnered with the Miracle Foundation to send handmade blankets, beanies and booties to the Bhawani, Rourkela and Sooch Village children's homes in India.

You can see some of the blankets and things donated on this Flickr site. 

http://www.flickr.com/groups/967135@N25/ and see more by searching Craft Hope on Facebook.

here are the blankets I sent off.

craft hope blankets

Some of the flowers

I have not had time to really sit and enjoy the flowers this year as I have been so busy with work. Needless to say that means fewer blog posts and fewer photos of the flowers. So here are some that I took this morning.

712 pale yellow lily 1 712 peach unfurling 2 712 pink lily 712 yekkow lily 1

My hollyhocks have started blooming. Red ones and pink ones.P7120019 

This is a tiny little foxglove plant. The color is suppose to be strawberry. Hopefully next year it will get bigger! And lastly this birdhouse has been a source of entertainment as first Momma & Daddy bird built a nest. Later Momma laid her eggs and then the feedings would go on all day long it seemed. The little ones have just recently learned to use their wings and would first fly out and cling onto the lily stems. It was funny and endearing.712 small strawberry foxglove P7120022 2

Hubby starts a new job tomorrow morning. Jobs are scarce so he has taken one that will keep him away from home for most of the week. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he stays safe on his travels and enjoys the work. The fur kids and I will miss him.

fabric mail! (and more)

After a long day at work yesterday I picked up the mail on my way in. Even in the dark (hey....it's going on 10 o'clock at night) I could see there was a squishy package! When I got into the house I saw there were not one....but two!

first a FQ from one of my partners in the Two Hippos FQ swap. This goes in my neutrals pile ...or maybe B&W ... or maybe I can use it for a witches hat in my Halloween blocks!

FQ hippos swap

Next was a package from Jane's Fabrics. I had purchased some apron fabric as it was different than the one I have. You can see what the other one that I have looks like here. I think a mouse pad and coasters made with this new one is on the list of things to do now too!

apron fabric

On my way to work yesterday I stopped at the Hobby Lobby store as a friend in Texas said they had Scottie apron panels in the fabric department. Sure nuff! Both kids and adults!

apron scottie apron scottie 2

Scottie obsessed person that I am I bought three of each! One thing....watch the person cutting fabric when you ask for panels. This person when I said three .... measured three yards and was going to cut right through the middle of a panel!!! She informed me in a very condescending tone that they sell it by the yard and you would have to pay for it if she cut it in the middle of a panel. Totally a waste! Told her to cut me three PANELS whatever the yardage turned out to be and I wrote an email to Hobby Lobby this morning.

I did add to my stash while there too. Some bright button fabric. Just because it was there!

buttons bright

sneak peek!

I signed up for Jane's Halloween block swap. You saw some of the fabrics I picked out in a previous post. My theme is witch's hats. Here is my first block! I still need to put my name on it.

What do you think?

first hat

Touch of color


One of my favorite flowers is the lily. I love both the Orientals and the day lilies. These flowers are just outside our picture window. There are several birdhouses and we keep bird feeders full despite the squirrels raiding them.P6270003

You can see a little of one of the lavender plants at the bottom of this last photo.


click on photos for a larger picture.