fabric mail! (and more)

After a long day at work yesterday I picked up the mail on my way in. Even in the dark (hey....it's going on 10 o'clock at night) I could see there was a squishy package! When I got into the house I saw there were not one....but two!

first a FQ from one of my partners in the Two Hippos FQ swap. This goes in my neutrals pile ...or maybe B&W ... or maybe I can use it for a witches hat in my Halloween blocks!

FQ hippos swap

Next was a package from Jane's Fabrics. I had purchased some apron fabric as it was different than the one I have. You can see what the other one that I have looks like here. I think a mouse pad and coasters made with this new one is on the list of things to do now too!

apron fabric

On my way to work yesterday I stopped at the Hobby Lobby store as a friend in Texas said they had Scottie apron panels in the fabric department. Sure nuff! Both kids and adults!

apron scottie apron scottie 2

Scottie obsessed person that I am I bought three of each! One thing....watch the person cutting fabric when you ask for panels. This person when I said three .... measured three yards and was going to cut right through the middle of a panel!!! She informed me in a very condescending tone that they sell it by the yard and you would have to pay for it if she cut it in the middle of a panel. Totally a waste! Told her to cut me three PANELS whatever the yardage turned out to be and I wrote an email to Hobby Lobby this morning.

I did add to my stash while there too. Some bright button fabric. Just because it was there!

buttons bright


On a Whimsey said...

Love the fabrics! Sounds as if the light was on but nobody home! LOL

Miss Jean said...

Sadly, no Hobby Lobby anywhere near here. The apron is the cutest!

Miss Jean said...

Sadly, no Hobby Lobby anywhere near here. The apron is the cutest!

YankeeQuilter said...

The nearest Hobby Lobby is 30 minute away but I may just have to make the trip...love the apron!