I don't remember how I found her shop. She's new just starting out. No banner or avatar yet but.....she has some of the prettiest inexpensive beaded bookmarks available. I bought 5 right off for members of my bible study group! She's a just a housewife ( we are never just a housewife!) has 4 grown children and loves to work with beads. So far she has mainly spiritual bookmarks and decade rosaries in her shop but she told me last night that she also does fairytale ones for kids and romance ones for romance novels.

Stop by and see what she has to offer. She says she is just learning computer skills. I think she will do very well once she really gets the hang of things. Check out her shop at

Day is done....

I love watching the sun come up and these days it is so pretty watching it go done. Goodnight!

It's a Beautiful Moooornin' !

The sun, the trees, the icicles hanging off the roof, the snow on the ground......halt!!!
THE TEMPERATURE????? minus 2!
Oh well beauty comes with a price!

patient for treats

I was browsing through my cache of photos tonight and ran across these. At one time I was making a lot of doggy raincoats. Sam E was my forever patient model.

snow today.....

Remember that field I posted in the blog a few days ago with all the green trees and the pretty white flowers? This is what it looks like today. Don't think we'll see that for another few months. The scotties have been running in and out to play in the snow today. Here is a photo of the Elder Statesman, Sam E as he is coming in.

The lily garden area in the front of the house. Look at the gazing ball! There are birds that take shelter in that birdhouse too! Forecast says 12 inches today before it is over. I belive we may get that if it continues at this fast and furious pace!

Beth Peardon Productions

A young girl is gifted with a camera and it changes her life. A family that nutured her skills and talents left a big impression on her. After taking a haitus to raise a family she returned to that love. Her photographs take on different lives. They are not just pieces of paper. Her sand photographs are in high demand as note cards and magnets. You may even custom order one done especially for you. Valentine's Day....anyone want to profess their love in the sand and have it photographed for posterity? The new age of the digital camera found this photographer back in school. She learned how to get the camera to do what she wanted and also learned how to manipulate a photo to create a new piece of art. The photo below was given a sepia tone for a warm antique feel and the color of the flowers warm it even more. One of her recent endeavors is a series of photos taken of piano keys. A simple and pure subject but she brings it alive. You can purchase these and others from her Etsy shop where she has magnets and note cards as well.

color me bright

I like color....pastel colors, dark colors and especially bright colors. And I think babies and little kids should be surrounded by bright colors. I also like to sew things in batches sometimes. Yesterday I cut out a "batch" of baby bibs. Aren't the colors just delightful!

Looking forward to bright instead of white....

I like's not that I don't. I love the way things look when it snows and how the sun shines down through the bare trees making patterns on the snow. I even like the feeling of a brisk morning air. I DO NOT however like the frigid wind chills we have been having as of late. I like listening to the wind blow and howl but not when it is combined with below zero temps. So despite liking winter my thoughts have started turning to spring. My pretty fairy fountain is now buried in snow but when things start to green up again she will be there in all her beauty. I just love her and she makes a lovely addition to the garden. I have a findness for lilies and since moving here a few years ago have been adding new lilies each year. It will be fun to watch the new ones sprout and grow and then blossom. What a surprise the lily garden will be this year as I added many last summer. The colors are so vibrant and I find myself photographing and sharing them with my friends.My favorites are yellows but as you can see the orange ones above and the pinks below can hold their own amongst them. I'm sure come spring that they will put me in awe of their beauty once again.

Peaceful Earth

That is what the name of her shop Shantiearth means. She's a Virgo born into a family of eccentric artists. Her flower child upbringing shows in some of her works such as this lovely necklace entitled "Fleurs Des Belle". Well traveled she feels a close kinship with some of the great masters. She describes her creations as "elegantly eclectic" and is always on the search for unique materials. It shows in these earrings she aptly entitled "You are my Sunshine".

"Fire Island" below gives you a bit of insight into her appreciation of beauty. Come join this artist as she shares her gift in the masterpieces she creates for your pleasure at

I can't stand it anymore!

Several days ago I got into a discussion about how messy my sewing room had gotten. In my creative frenzys I tend to grab and throw things to get to other things. I buy more and it gets added to the chaos! Well....Welcome to my chaos! It does need to be cleaned and cleaned now as I can't find anything! I know the cottons and trims are in bins but the bins are underneath the flannels and fleeces. Every surface is cluttered with stuff.

Only one sewing machine is accessible without moving stuff and the serger is all but buried.

But.....I can still see the floor in spots! I figure if I blogged about how bad it is I can show how good it looks when I clean it up. It will also give me that last push. How does it always get this bad?

uneventful day......

One of those days when you wake up and it is dreary and kind of stays that way all day. You never get much accomplished and feel like you have run a marathon. And then the day is over. You want to kick yourself because there are projects just sitting there waiting to be done. the dogs got baths and smell good. Yeah....all the dog beds and crate mats scattered through the house got washed. How did you manage to accumulate so many? There are still only five dogs aren't there? How can they use so many beds? And then they still take over the furniture! Their antics make me smile. They love me unconditionally and I love them right back. I guess the whole day hasn't been dreary when I have my loving husband and my five furkids to share it with. Good Night everyone. Pleasant dreams....and hopefully I will accomplish something tomorrow!