I don't remember how I found her shop. She's new just starting out. No banner or avatar yet but.....she has some of the prettiest inexpensive beaded bookmarks available. I bought 5 right off for members of my bible study group! She's a just a housewife ( we are never just a housewife!) has 4 grown children and loves to work with beads. So far she has mainly spiritual bookmarks and decade rosaries in her shop but she told me last night that she also does fairytale ones for kids and romance ones for romance novels.

Stop by and see what she has to offer. She says she is just learning computer skills. I think she will do very well once she really gets the hang of things. Check out her shop at

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Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry artisan said...

What an interesting little feature on "motherrap"! I checked out her new shop on etsy & "hearted" her as well. On a side note, I also liked learning about your Bible study! :)