Fat quarters are arriving!

I signed up for the fat quarter swap over at Sew Momma, Sew! I actually signed up for two sets, one being International. Love seeing what fabrics show up from over the pond. Anyway...my first three have arrived from some of those stateside. Here they are!

fat q swap

I haven't decided what I will do with all of them when they get here. Maybe see if they can all be worked into a quilt? Love all of these! Thanks so much ladies!

A find and my wonky stars

Years and years ago when I bought my Singer and the kids were all little I would sew their clothes. I'd do assembly line sewing for the four girls using the same pattern and just lengthen it! I made a couple quilts using cardboard templates from some magazine. My son had a turtle one he lost when our place burned down. I found this quilt top tucked away that I made at the same time. The triangles are all scraps from outfits I made for the girls and the red is flannel. If I recall I think it was called a Friendship pattern.


Maybe now that all those kids are grown and have kids of their own I will get it finished.

I finished 3 wonky stars and will ship them off to Tia tomorrow. They were fun to make and I learned from a few mistakes I made as I was doing them. Hope the fires get under control soon. That is a little Scottie angel hanging from the light fixture at the top of the photo!


Superior Thread giveaway!


Superior Threads is giving away a $100 gift certificate for Bob's Birthday! Go to Mother Superiors blog for information!!

What made me open a shop on Etsy?

Interesting question for some....easy to answer for some but not for others. I guess many of us have sold on Ebay at one time or another. Some with good results and some not. It's a great venue for some things and not for others. It was also getting expensive. I make things because I like to and I like to share what I make with others. Most of the items I make I give away but it can be an expensive hobby so why not sell some of the things I make? Will I ever get rich? Probably not. I can and do reach a wider audience to sell my items to. I do one "show" a year and that is for about 30 people. Of course they are all Scottie people so they are the perfect target shoppers! Etsy was another venue to showcase my items. I just haven't had time to add anything to the shop of late.

My other reasons for selling on Etsy are  my babies Miss Sassy & Mr. Murphy who left us this this year due to cancers.

sassy & murphy

And the three still with us.... Miss Katie, Sam E and Bert.

katie bert sam e

and all the Scotties out there waiting for a loving home.

Testing ... I did it!

I'm not a quilter and when I do make "quilts" I don't worry whether the seams are a quarter inch (I do what is easiest for me!) and if things don't match up it isn't a BIG deal. That does keep me from helping out sometimes and I did want to send some blocks to Tia at Camp Follower Bags and Quilts to help with the quilts for the bush fire victims in Australia. Soooo.... this morning I cut the 4.5" blocks and had a go at it to see if I could get the requisite 12.5" block to come out. This one was done with black background and yellows as that is what I was working with. It worked! So later today when I get back I can start with some to send! Oh...you wanted to see my test block????

black yellow wonky star

Yes...it has Scotties in it and yes I know one of the points was sewn in  with the wrong side showing but it measures out to 12.5"! Not bad for a first try!

I also sewed together this batch of nine patch blocks. I like nine patch. The small squares are 2".

yellow 9 patch

Now off to town to run some errands and get my nails done. See ya all later!

Blast from the past!

I was cruising around Etsy the other day looking at vintage fabrics.  I found the exact fabric that I had used to make curtains for the  kitchen of the very first apartment my husband and I shared when we got married in 1969! I remember it clearly. We painted the wainscoting white along with the trim and painted the walls a tangerine orange! The colors are much more vibrant than this picture. Think fluorescent ... almost. Lime green and candy pink with bright yellow and orange!vintage fabric3

The fabric is still in beautiful condition and there is about 2 yards! I got it from YesterDaze Vintage Clothing & Collectibles

Stop in and visit her. Who knows....maybe you'll find Your blast from the past!

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Apron Swap

My package went out albeit a day late. I have just been so sick this past month it has been an effort to just get up out of bed. I hope my partner likes her package. I got the sweetheart pattern from Lucy at Sexy Apron Day. I had something totally different planned and changed my mind when I saw this. I made it out of a reproduction of the old flour sacks with Scotties on it. P2030002a My photography sucks lately as you can see. I did not put any ric rac on it. It really looks better in person that the photo does. Hope my partner likes it. I also included a hearts and flowers mousepad that can be used as a hot pad with matching coasters, a bar of all natural cranberry soap and this vintage apron.P2030004

I also received my package from my swap partner. Thank you Jen of http://lifeontheroof.blogspot.com! I got this adorable pink and green apron from her! apron This is her photo of it! She does excellent work. I have the pattern but the thoughts of getting all that bias binding to go on straight scares the bejeezus outta me! It was in a cute white organza bag covered with pink and red hearts as was some dark chocolate pieces. There was also another package of chocolate included. I am sharing the chocolates with hubby. They taste very good with coffee this morning! Thank You Jen!

Tribute to our Mr. Murphy


pupster murphy2

We have a photo of the Murphster as a pup only because he at one time belonged to my late father-in-law. When he died suddenly in an auto crash in December of 2003 we brought Murphy up to live with us. He adapted quickly to the temperature changes (he lived in Mississippi and we brought him into the cold of Wisconsin!) and from being an only dog with a fairly sedate lifestyle to a family with three other rescues and lots of room to run. And run he did. He always had a smile on his face and his big long tail was always wagging! He would run from the front window through the living room and dining room and out the doggie door, across the deck and down into the pen and then back. The deer herds came down through every night and he would bark and bark and run the fence line. When they finally wandered away he would come in tail wagging as if to say... I chased them off again!

  Murphy 006 Murphy had lovely red highlights! He also hated having his picture taken. He could hear the digital camera opening from three rooms away and would run for cover or outside. He loved his walks and wanted to tear up the lab mix who lived on the nearby farm. That's because Bear roamed and entered the Murphster's territory often! after2 Mr. Murphy cleaned up nice when he was groomed. He love to sit in the recliner with me. Would walk up, look me in the face as if to communicate something to me and then curl up in my lap. I miss my big boy. Cancer takes too many too soon. I never thought of him not being here. He was way to young and the house is weirdly quiet without him even though we still have three other Scotties here.

in Daddys chair  P9240022