Testing ... I did it!

I'm not a quilter and when I do make "quilts" I don't worry whether the seams are a quarter inch (I do what is easiest for me!) and if things don't match up it isn't a BIG deal. That does keep me from helping out sometimes and I did want to send some blocks to Tia at Camp Follower Bags and Quilts to help with the quilts for the bush fire victims in Australia. Soooo.... this morning I cut the 4.5" blocks and had a go at it to see if I could get the requisite 12.5" block to come out. This one was done with black background and yellows as that is what I was working with. It worked! So later today when I get back I can start with some to send! Oh...you wanted to see my test block????

black yellow wonky star

Yes...it has Scotties in it and yes I know one of the points was sewn in  with the wrong side showing but it measures out to 12.5"! Not bad for a first try!

I also sewed together this batch of nine patch blocks. I like nine patch. The small squares are 2".

yellow 9 patch

Now off to town to run some errands and get my nails done. See ya all later!

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Glynis said...

Well done, it looks great!!!