A find and my wonky stars

Years and years ago when I bought my Singer and the kids were all little I would sew their clothes. I'd do assembly line sewing for the four girls using the same pattern and just lengthen it! I made a couple quilts using cardboard templates from some magazine. My son had a turtle one he lost when our place burned down. I found this quilt top tucked away that I made at the same time. The triangles are all scraps from outfits I made for the girls and the red is flannel. If I recall I think it was called a Friendship pattern.


Maybe now that all those kids are grown and have kids of their own I will get it finished.

I finished 3 wonky stars and will ship them off to Tia tomorrow. They were fun to make and I learned from a few mistakes I made as I was doing them. Hope the fires get under control soon. That is a little Scottie angel hanging from the light fixture at the top of the photo!



Shelly said...

Very nice Dayna!! I added your blog to my links - you can do the same with mine if you'd like :o)

Anonymous said...

those are great!

storybeader said...

cute fabrics! I wonder if the girls would remember the fabric from their dresses, in that quilt. Would be interested to see the expressions on their faces!

TiLT said...

I love wonky!

Katya said...

What a find, indeed!

I love the wonky stars! I could never sew anything like that right now....with the kids always needing "this and that", I could never concentrate!!!!