Blast from the past!

I was cruising around Etsy the other day looking at vintage fabrics.  I found the exact fabric that I had used to make curtains for the  kitchen of the very first apartment my husband and I shared when we got married in 1969! I remember it clearly. We painted the wainscoting white along with the trim and painted the walls a tangerine orange! The colors are much more vibrant than this picture. Think fluorescent ... almost. Lime green and candy pink with bright yellow and orange!vintage fabric3

The fabric is still in beautiful condition and there is about 2 yards! I got it from YesterDaze Vintage Clothing & Collectibles

Stop in and visit her. Who knows....maybe you'll find Your blast from the past!


Jackie said...

I love that fabric! Wonderful colors!

Glynis said...

what memories it bought back for you! I will go and have a look, thanks.