What made me open a shop on Etsy?

Interesting question for some....easy to answer for some but not for others. I guess many of us have sold on Ebay at one time or another. Some with good results and some not. It's a great venue for some things and not for others. It was also getting expensive. I make things because I like to and I like to share what I make with others. Most of the items I make I give away but it can be an expensive hobby so why not sell some of the things I make? Will I ever get rich? Probably not. I can and do reach a wider audience to sell my items to. I do one "show" a year and that is for about 30 people. Of course they are all Scottie people so they are the perfect target shoppers! Etsy was another venue to showcase my items. I just haven't had time to add anything to the shop of late.

My other reasons for selling on Etsy are  my babies Miss Sassy & Mr. Murphy who left us this this year due to cancers.

sassy & murphy

And the three still with us.... Miss Katie, Sam E and Bert.

katie bert sam e

and all the Scotties out there waiting for a loving home.


storybeader said...

you have an interesting audience. First of all, doglovers. That's about everyone! And then scottie lovers! Nice way to acknowledge them.

Katya said...

Gads, Dayna, I am soooo late, but wanted to say I am so sorry about Miss Sassy and Mr. Murphy. I was always so impressed at Mr. Murphy's story, and so happy he had the chance to live with you and Randy. I am sure he enjoyed being with the other Scotties so much. And being so treasured and loved, as all of your babies are!

I have looked on Etsy so many times and am so amazed at all of the skilled artisans out there!