More Fabric!!!

I have to admit that I am a fabricaholic and if there comes a reason, any reason for me to buy fabric then it comes home with me. I joined in on Jane's Halloween block swap. Now I needed some fabric to do my blocks with ... right? ... Of course I did! Two of these (or maybe three) (update ... just checked .... Jane's rules say TWO colors for the ninepatch blocks) will make up my nine patch block...hmmmm wonder if we can do the center block a different color....gotta check the rules. Any how....the rest of the colors/prints will be used in my theme blocks. The colors are much more vibrant than what the photos show.

fabrics 2

And then I bought these just because I liked them. I love batiks....the pencils will make cute mouse pads and coasters. The fall leaves are to die for! They are just so pretty. Most of the bolt sold today. Hey...this stuff just came in! And those little dachshunds are so cute. The orange was an end of bolt and just jumped into my pile. I think I did my share to stimulate the economy today.

fabrics 1


Attack of the Vintage said...

cool fabrics !! can't wait to see what you do with them.

Jackie said...

I say, "you never can have enough fabric!"

Lurline said...

There certainly are some cuties there!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Katya said...

Amazing! Looks like you plan to be one busy lady for a VERYYYYYY long time!

I love the leaves. The colors are so beautiful! I think everyone loves autumn colors.

My daughter would absolutely LOVE the dachsie print, as she has a wiener doggie named Joe!