Touch of color


One of my favorite flowers is the lily. I love both the Orientals and the day lilies. These flowers are just outside our picture window. There are several birdhouses and we keep bird feeders full despite the squirrels raiding them.P6270003

You can see a little of one of the lavender plants at the bottom of this last photo.


click on photos for a larger picture.


Beth said...

pretty colors

Jackie said...

I just love your flower photos! They are really gorgeous!

solomi558 said...

My lilies are just about to flower. Yours look beautiful---------------cottonreel

andsewon said...

Dayna...thanks for visiting my blog and looking at my 'reds'!!
Love your flowers! Our lillies are about over. Also had Easter Lillies just finish blooming and my Stargazers!
That Scotty pup is a doll!!! We have a small beagle named Sadie Rose.
You have made some wonderful items!!!

flyingbeader said...

My day lilies are just about to come out. I can't wait to see them again. Hopefully I can keep my three Scotties out of the flower bed until I can enjoy the color too. On the 10th is a big festival here in Ohio called Lily Fest...all day lilies. I can't wait.


Katya said...

Your flower beds are just awesome, Dayna!