Some of the flowers

I have not had time to really sit and enjoy the flowers this year as I have been so busy with work. Needless to say that means fewer blog posts and fewer photos of the flowers. So here are some that I took this morning.

712 pale yellow lily 1 712 peach unfurling 2 712 pink lily 712 yekkow lily 1

My hollyhocks have started blooming. Red ones and pink ones.P7120019 

This is a tiny little foxglove plant. The color is suppose to be strawberry. Hopefully next year it will get bigger! And lastly this birdhouse has been a source of entertainment as first Momma & Daddy bird built a nest. Later Momma laid her eggs and then the feedings would go on all day long it seemed. The little ones have just recently learned to use their wings and would first fly out and cling onto the lily stems. It was funny and endearing.712 small strawberry foxglove P7120022 2

Hubby starts a new job tomorrow morning. Jobs are scarce so he has taken one that will keep him away from home for most of the week. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he stays safe on his travels and enjoys the work. The fur kids and I will miss him.

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