projects....and new fabric

I've been neglecting the blog sometimes does get in the way. I'm enjoying my new job....what person who sews wouldn't love working in a fabric shop! I do have some projects in the works. Custom order for place mats. Pink ones are done and the blue ones need topstitching. They will ship on Monday. Order for an apron, place mats and coasters to match. Coasters are done, place mats are cut and pinned and apron is being cut. Should ship on Monday also if all goes well. Need to topstitch a blanket yet that will also ship on Monday.
Now to the fabric piece I picked up yesterday. I can't get a good picture of it but maybe you can get an idea of the texture. It is a blue Persian Lamb velvet. I got this piece that is a little over 2 yards for $4.03!!!! It is sooooo soft. I have watched it hang there at work and finally's going home with me. I'm thinking maybe a vest, maybe a neat bag, maybe a hat and scarf.......
What do you think?


Sixsisters said...

Dayna I bet a nice hat and scarf would be sooo neat !
Great fabric.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! How nice to be busy "selling"! Congrats!!!

I really enjoyed the blue, are they placemats with the scotties attached on them?

As for the new first thought was a cool bag.

Sending you good wishes for your upcoming days off.


Katya said...

Dayna, HOW do you keep up with yourself? You are such a busy lady!!!!!

It looks as though you are doing well with Etsy. I have a friend who just put some cards from her photos up...All I could think of was that adorable photo of Sam cute a card would THAT be?
(I pray he continues to want to hang on for awhile!!!)