featured artist "Mommie Made It"

Not sure how I stumbled across her shop. Could have been my browsing for treasury picks or a link from somewhere or someone said something about her. Doesn't matter....I'm just happy I did. I have always wanted labels to sew on items I made. Have looked into them on many occasions but the cost for what I wanted did not fit within my budget. Well look what I got!Mommy Made It designed my label just as I wanted and the price was well within my budget! All labels are custom order and she can make them the size you want as she prints them herself. She has a sense of humor as anyone who visits her shop will notice right off!

Custom graphic design or ready made from her shop. She can help enhance your photos, create unique banners, or even sell you a little Amigurumi!

If you make items that you would like to label with pride then visit her shop. Even if you don't want labels....visit her shop. You'll enjoy it!

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Joey & Aleethea said...

that's awesome. congrats on your new labels, they look great!