Scottie love

Everyone knows we love Scottish terriers. We have 5. All rescues and they are all getting to be seniors. Not often do we get a chance to catch a photo of them being close as they have very independent personalities. Sam E at the top will be 13 next month. He is now totally deaf and is on Phenobarbital for seizures. He's my elderly statesman. Miss Sassy is the one towards the bottom. She is queen mother and rules the youngest with an iron snarl. If he doesn't listen quick enough he might just get a nip. She turned 13 in March. She has lost most of her hearing too. A puppy mill rescue she has come a long way.


ZudaGay said...

What beautiful dogs!!! May you be greatly blessed for caring for them and giving them a wonderful life in their aging years!!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Scottie, they are just precious! and so wonderful to have such a place to live out their years.

Anonymous said...

They are such cuties!
I remember our old Ebie went deaf at the end. Nobody knew unless we told them though. It's amazing how they can cope with it.