water, beauty and more plants

The shining sun is the first we've seen in awhile. That large bush is our blueberry bush. In the middle of a "pond" that isn't suppose to be there! The grass is almost 2 feet high in that area. Haven't been able to mow this year as it has been too wet. The rose bush is blooming which adds a little touch of color. This is one of those old florabunda ones.
And these still sit in there pots waiting to be planted. Not today as I have to go to work and do a 10 hour shift. If it isn't raining then maybe they will go in tomorrow. I so want to get out and do some more gardening. It is nice to look out the window and see it all in bloom. I watch each day to see which flower may be starting to show it's beauty. And they bring the birds and the butterflies which adds a whole new show!


Chauncey said...

I'm not too big on the back braking
work of gardening but I sure do love the results. Good Luck Dayna, with your garden this summer.

storybeader said...

the scenery is beautiful, even when it's so wet. At least your house is not floating away, right?

Ivanhoe said...

Love your garden! We are working on the house this year. I have just my annuals. No perennials or new mulch. I'll do those next spring again.