Etsy Virtual Baby Shower

Every few months in the forums you will find the sign ups for the virtual baby shower. I have participated in the last two and have a great time doing it. There was a Storque article written about it when it first started.

Any shop can donate. Ficklefairie does a wonderful job of co-ordinating the whole thing. Can be an item for the Mom or the baby so don't not participate because you don't have baby items in your store! This shower is just ending and all the Mom's have been paired with several gifters. Besides the publicity you receive the feelings I get from just being able to give to someone else are just so gratifying. You can check out some of the gifts sent for the last couple of showers on this Flickr group.

Etsians are a compassionate giving group as well as great artisans in many different crafts.
Of course any baby item I send has Scotties on it!


ZudaGay said...

What a lovely thing to do, Dayna! I am sure these new mom's will appreciate the lovely gifts they receive! And who wouldn't love Scotties on their bib??

ficklefaerie said...

Thanks for the post in your blog scottieacres!!!!

Tutu Cute and Moore! said...

Dayna, I have participated the last two years in the Etsy Baby Shower and found it most rewarding, too! The mom's are so grateful for the gifts and it's a warm & fuzzy for me, too.

Tom & Cher said...

Dayna, I know how wonderful your Scottie items are, our widdle Arial has the softest lavender blankie on the planet! You're da best!

I've just finished a knit blankie to give. It's a wonderful feeling to give and receive!!!