The Boomer and beyond Etsy Street Team held a swap during the month of June. The theme was summer. We received a name and address and our swap partner doesn't know who until they received their gift. I received this beautiful "sun dyed" scarf from my swap partner Liz Plummer. Notice the Scotties she did? Thank you so much Liz. Love the color too! Check out her shop! My swap partner has yet to receive hers as it is only going out in the post today so i can't tell you who it is. It's a messenger bag sized quilted tote bag. Well sort of quilted. Big enough for a day at the market or to carry around that project you are working on.
The center of the front started with one of a batch of quilt squares I bought from another team member awhile ago just because I like the colors. Her shop is Joonbeam Recycled Art with Heart
The back has a simple pocket and I did a bit of fancy stitching here and there. Hope she likes it!


ZudaGay said...

Your scarf from Liz is so lovely and adorable!! That Liz is so creative!! Your swap gift is lovely!!! She (whoever it is heading to) will love it!!

Alis said...

Your partner is sure to love this bag Dayna. I love the colours and the fact that you could get so much shopping in it ;0)

What a fab scarf you got from Liz.

joonbeam said...

Dayna, That bag is BEAUTIFUL! Scout said: Oh, wow. I am so pleased you found a use for a square. Boy, you really were meant to have those! I can't wait to see who your partner is. She will go wild. It's a fabulous gift.

Liz said...

Dayna, I'm so glad you liked my scarf - and thank you for putting a photo of it on your blog. I didn't actually take a photo of the whole thing finished (duh!).

Beautiful bag too - your swap partner will love it!

Katya said...

Dayna, what a perfectly lovely scarf! And, purple! Now you are the Royal Scottie Lady!!! It is just fantastic!

The bag you created is amazing! Wow, lucky person whomever receives your swap gift!