Miss Katie

Back in April our sweet Miss Katie was having a problem with her paw.(Katie's boo boo) After many vet visits and xrays and antibiotic treatments we had decided to put her under anesthesia and have a better look. When the tip of her nail was clipped the pus just oozed out so we had the nail removed back to the nail bed. We have been trying to get it to heal since and have gone through several courses of antibiotics and tonight it started to bleed again and is swollen. Another course of antibiotics and even though I don't like prednisone it has it's benefits. Will do a short term to bring down the swelling but it looks like at this point she will be having the toe removed. We did our best hoping that removing the nail would do the trick. She is the sweetest 13 year old girl there is. Happy and full of life and can she dance when treats are around! Here she is in her bed under my desk. She sticks close to me. We love her dearly.


Blogger said...

Hello there,

Sorry to hear about Miss Katie, please let meknow if you live near the OC, LA area. I think I might just have what Miss Katie needs.
No to worry no trying to sell anything, jus tought that if my dog would have something like her, I would acceot any help that is handed to me.
Please reply to:


Hope Miss Katie gets well soon, and I hope you dont have to cut her toe.

Juan Flores

maryeb said...

Hope she's feeling better soon. It certainly is hard when a pet isn't feeling well. They can't even tell you what's going on with them.
Keep us posted.

Katya said...

Poor little Miss Katie...Oh, I pray that she will heal quickly and not have to lose the toe. She is such a pretty girl and how sweet that she loves you so!!!

I cannot imagine how hard this must be for you....

ZudaGay said...

Poor Miss Katie!!! I feel so bad that she has had to go through so much. Praying that all goes well for her!

Anonymous said...

Very sorry for your pain and anguish. We have several cats and an Italian Greyhound. Our IG too follows me everywhere, sleeps under this desk in her bed, and in my bed under the covers at night.

Our pets are so unconditional, when they cannot speak for themselves with words, they do because we know them so well.

A prayer for you and Miss Katie. And several hugs too! And remember, dog spelled backwards...GOD

LazyTcrochet said...

Aww hugs to (((you and Miss Katie)))

storybeader said...

She will be in my thought today, and I will push good healing karma her way. What a sweetheart.

MouseChirpy said...

Sorry to hear about your poor little ones foot. I know what it is like to deal with an unwell pet. Get well soon, Miss Katie!