I'm Baaaack!

I've been missing in action here. Computer has been in the shop but it is back and running fine. Yipppeeee! I have started a new job this past week. The rains have rained and rained upon us but Our sump pums have kept up on the job. We do have "ponding" in areas but will not flood like so many of those with all this rain. Of course Scottie Acres is starting to look more like grazing pastures and wild jungle as we can't get anything mowed. The sun only comes out long enough to make things grow but not dry anything out. I've thought about renting a couple goats!
I do hope to be back to normal (what's that?) around here soon. And get back to posting in my blog. I miss it. Here is a photo I took of a tree frog on the railing of our deck last week during one of the 15 minute sunshine episodes!
Hug someone today. You will feel richer for it!


Patti said...

Welcome back! Glad you survived the storms. Glad to say we did, too, but so many folks aren't so lucky. Adorable picture!

Anonymous said...

Even unmowed your Scotties Acres sounds lovely. Your froggie must be lovin up the warmth from the sunshine.

Nice to have you back in the fold. Just in time for our new Bloggers arrival!!!

BlossomingTree said...

Glad you had no flooding. I chuckled at the goat comment. They'd definitely get the job done lol.

storybeader said...

glad your computer is up and running. That tree frog, had to look on the railing for a while to see him/her. Looks like a rock to me!

Katya said...

Oh Dayna...WHY is it always FEAST or FAMINE? We often go belly-up in the summer....our well stops producing water, and we have to resort to having it hauled in. I HATE doing that, but it really does happen more often than not.

Well, here's to bright blue skies and sunshine ahead!!!!