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Rules first.
I need to answer 6 questions.
I then tag 6 people and post their names here, then go to their blog and comment to tell them that they have been tagged and to visit here to find out the rules. I must then let the person who tagged me know when I have posted my answers.

What was I doing 10 years ago? 10 years ago I was married to my late husband, was working for Danaher Corporation, and living in Connecticut.

5 things that are on my to do list for today?
1. Make brownies and cookies for guests this afternoon
..2. Go out for dinner with friends to celebrate hubby's birthday
...3. Make some adult bibs
....4. Fill some Bling T-shirt orders
.....5. Tell my husband I love him.

Snacks I enjoy. popcorn, maple walnut ice cream with chocolate sauce, grilled asparagus spears, raw veggies with ranch dip

Things I would do if I was a billionaire. Put money into legislation to fight puppy mills. Create a home for senior Scottish terriers or ones who are unadoptable. A place where they can be loved and cared for until they cross the bridge. Set up trusts for my children and grandchildren.

Places I have lived. I was born in Maine and lived most of my life in Connecticut. I did live in Australia for a year and have lived in Wisconsin for the past 5 years.

6 people that I want to know more about - These are a few of the blogs I have in my reader that I find interesting and wonder about the people behind the scenes.
The Campfollower
Chicken Legs
Berit Hines

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the Campfollower said...

Hey there! I answered your tag. We are also looking into Scotty dogs for our next family member. Love those guys!