Some progress!!!

I finished the three Christmas stockings and they are in this pile of packages going out today along with a couple Bling Scottie sweat shirts and some funky Scottie coasters making their way to the UK!PB040003

I have started doing the appliqués for Jacob's quilt. I want it to be touchy feely as little ones should have lots of textures to touch and the colors should carry him through a few years.

Jacob quilt

So I did make progress. It's off to the post office and to VOTE! Then I work the afternoon until closing.

See ya all tomorrow!


TNT2008 said...

I am loving the quilt!

And congrats on the sales--isn't it fun to see those different places where you are shipping your creations?

Anonymous said...

Very sweet quilt, and nice to hear from you. Thanks for sharing even with your very busy schedule.

storybeader said...

you sound like you're real busy! congrats on the sales, and be safe coming home.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

You sound so busy - I'm loving the quilt! Hang in there through this super busy time m'dear :)