fabric mail! (and more)

After a long day at work yesterday I picked up the mail on my way in. Even in the dark (hey....it's going on 10 o'clock at night) I could see there was a squishy package! When I got into the house I saw there were not one....but two!

first a FQ from one of my partners in the Two Hippos FQ swap. This goes in my neutrals pile ...or maybe B&W ... or maybe I can use it for a witches hat in my Halloween blocks!

FQ hippos swap

Next was a package from Jane's Fabrics. I had purchased some apron fabric as it was different than the one I have. You can see what the other one that I have looks like here. I think a mouse pad and coasters made with this new one is on the list of things to do now too!

apron fabric

On my way to work yesterday I stopped at the Hobby Lobby store as a friend in Texas said they had Scottie apron panels in the fabric department. Sure nuff! Both kids and adults!

apron scottie apron scottie 2

Scottie obsessed person that I am I bought three of each! One thing....watch the person cutting fabric when you ask for panels. This person when I said three .... measured three yards and was going to cut right through the middle of a panel!!! She informed me in a very condescending tone that they sell it by the yard and you would have to pay for it if she cut it in the middle of a panel. Totally a waste! Told her to cut me three PANELS whatever the yardage turned out to be and I wrote an email to Hobby Lobby this morning.

I did add to my stash while there too. Some bright button fabric. Just because it was there!

buttons bright

sneak peek!

I signed up for Jane's Halloween block swap. You saw some of the fabrics I picked out in a previous post. My theme is witch's hats. Here is my first block! I still need to put my name on it.

What do you think?

first hat

Touch of color


One of my favorite flowers is the lily. I love both the Orientals and the day lilies. These flowers are just outside our picture window. There are several birdhouses and we keep bird feeders full despite the squirrels raiding them.P6270003

You can see a little of one of the lavender plants at the bottom of this last photo.


click on photos for a larger picture.

Texture Magic by Superior Threads

Texture Magic is a steam-activated shrinking fabric.The fabric shrinks 30% in all directions with the use of a steam iron. It makes an awesome texture that can be added to most anything for a one of a kind piece. Texture Magic is made and sold by Superior Threads who sell a wide variety of different threads. I am working on a plan for a quilt using texture magic in some of the squares. Check back to see when it gets into production!
Stop by Superior Threads and see the wide variety of threads they offer. At Superior Threads they say .... "Our thread is more than just thread—it is a key design element." Yes....thread can make a difference when quilting!
Want the chance to try some of the Texture Magic for free? Drop by Bitty Bits & Pieces before July 4th and sign up for her giveaway. Maybe you will be one of the lucky winners!

More Fabric!!!

I have to admit that I am a fabricaholic and if there comes a reason, any reason for me to buy fabric then it comes home with me. I joined in on Jane's Halloween block swap. Now I needed some fabric to do my blocks with ... right? ... Of course I did! Two of these (or maybe three) (update ... just checked .... Jane's rules say TWO colors for the ninepatch blocks) will make up my nine patch block...hmmmm wonder if we can do the center block a different color....gotta check the rules. Any how....the rest of the colors/prints will be used in my theme blocks. The colors are much more vibrant than what the photos show.

fabrics 2

And then I bought these just because I liked them. I love batiks....the pencils will make cute mouse pads and coasters. The fall leaves are to die for! They are just so pretty. Most of the bolt sold today. Hey...this stuff just came in! And those little dachshunds are so cute. The orange was an end of bolt and just jumped into my pile. I think I did my share to stimulate the economy today.

fabrics 1


I love getting things in the mail...especially packages! Don't we all! And lookie what I got today!green scottie swap


In a "love for fabric swap" I got this green Scottie fabric with a card of buttons and this extra wide black ric rac. One of my favorite notions as of late are these wide ric racs!


Also I received two different apron swaps! First was from a zoo apron swap. The lady who made this has held onto this vintage fabric for 20 years! Isn't it just gorgeously cute? I love it!

apron zoo

And lastly this apron from a red white and blue apron swap. Along with the apron came a cute flag cup cozy that I forgot to take a photo of.

apron red wht blue

Look what arrived in yesterday's post!

first a couple of FQ from pinkdiamond! Add to my fruit and veggie fabric collection!

FQ swap

Then from Barb this box! She had a vacation giveaway and I won!


I don't remember that Scottie fabric being part of the loot! Thank you for the added extras Barb. You were too generous.

Here it is all spread out


Stop by and visit Barb's web site. She has been busy working on some quilt tops! BEJEWELED QUILTS BY BARB

It's Done!

My quilt top for the Old Red Barn quilt a long is done! Good thing as I go back to work tomorrow and will be very busy there until next week. Not much sewing time when you come home dog tired. The colors aren't showing quite true. No place outside to hang it. But you get the idea.

quilt top 2

just a few hours later....



wordless wednesday

morning poppy

On a day off you make progress....

Working long (and sometimes weird hours) makes it kind of tough to get any sewing done. I like to join in on apron swaps and work on quilts Yesterday I had a whole day to sew! Yeah!!!! I was able to get two aprons finished for a couple swaps I joined. The pattern is called Lilly by Busy Bee Quilt Designs.

I did the jungle apron swap.

zoo apron

And the wacky fabric apron swap....Think this is wacky enough?

wacky fabric apron

I finished sewing my strips together for the Quilt a long that Old Red Barn is having. I even cut a few blocks when I was done.

quiltalong 2 quiltalong 1

And I made progress on my "What Did the Cat Eat?" applique quilt/wall hanging. Need to work on the faces next time I have a day off. Each cat has something different in it's belly.

cat squares

Now I need to go to bed as I work day shift tomorrow and then go directly to my bible study group.

Lookie what I got!

Lots of stuff arriving in the mail box lately!

This is a garden apron I received in the Busy Bee Apron Swap from Suzi. I wasn't sure who Suzi was until just the day before yesterday as there was no email address to thank her. She commented on my blog!

I love the apron and plan on planting the seeds (her son helped pick them out) Check out her web site  Savy Suzi 

A big Thank You Suzi!

busy bee apron swap

Then I got the siggie blocks from the siggie swap that Cootie Bug 2 organized! Check out her blog!   Cootie Bug 2

siggy swap

And I got a new pair of beaded earrings made by one of my BBEST friends Joni. She has done special pieces for me from time to time. Her Etsy shop is Ghi-Goo-ie Designs. She does Native American jewelry. These are the special wolf earrings that arrived today. Aren't they gorgeous?

And the Big Brown truck stopped here today also. I buy my soaps from Kae at Olive Tree soaps. I place an order once in awhile. She is a Scottie lover and a photographer. Check out her blog and the amazing photos she takes! Life in the Bristlewood

olive tree soaps

And there is still more!

A package arrived from Australia. It was from gladycloudy on swapbot. She was my swap partner for the Fat Quarters Fantasy Material Swap Flowers. She really outdid herself with cute cards and yummy fabrics with bits and bobs to go with it. Just love those florals!

fantasy flowers swap

and another from Chanel on a FQ swap called "It's a Jungle Out There" Thanks so much Chanel. Now I want to open that FQ and start thinking about what to make with it!

FF jungle out there swap