featured artist Sue Lambert

A few weeks ago I purchased a couple orders of glass discs from an artist on Etsy. Didn't know what I would do with them but wanted them anyway. That's usually how things work around here. These are some of the discs I bought.Sue has designed and created jewelry since 1993, selling at art shows and in galleries. She studied metalsmithing and casting for about 5 years at a silver studio near her former home in Northern Michigan and has also learned the art of lampwork from some talented artisans. She also works with PMC and art clay silver. Sue now lives with her husband in North Carolina where she continues stretching her talents.
I asked her to make me some shiny red discs. I DO HAVE a project in mind for these! They are now on their way to me! Check out her shop at
and her blog


ZudaGay said...

Very nice feature!! I love Susan's work and those etched beads are so yummy!!!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Scottie, those bead are wonderful aren't they! I love your angle - purchase first, think later!!
Sue's work is amazing. Wonderful feather on her.