pieces of a bigger picture

Some people know that my husband and I are avid model railroaders. They also know that is how we met. But that is another story for another day. We have a rather large layout in our basement. It in the building stage as most model railroads usually are. We are having an open house this Sunday. Here are a few little scenes. Excuse the photography as it is not one of my better talents. Here is the supermarket in Clarksville. Notice the little shopping carts! Here is Pete's garage.

This gives you a picture of Heritage Furniture on the left, with Siegelman's clothing warehouse behind the trees in the middle and the Golden Fame fuel oil on the right. You can see we are working on a second level also.

Here is the entrance to the junkyard. Notice it has it's own little mailbox next t the fence.

Here is another photo of the junk yard from a different angle. The barge in the front is loading scrap metal. The junkyard has several cranes on railroad tracks that unload cars coming into the yard.


joonbeam said...

This is great, scottie! Can you pick me up a couple pounds of butter from your grocery store, please? I'll send you the .80 right away! ox joon

Sixsisters said...

This is super Dayna. You have done so much work. I like working small. You and your husband should be very proud.

Chauncey said...

If I lived closer I would sooo come to your open house to see all this up close. It's great!