Tulip's Treasure Box

"I am proud to create and present unique works of art. Thank you for allowing my joy to become yours. ♥ "
This is the statement you find in the announcement on Tulip's Treasure Box shop page. And create she does! like this BUFFALO FEATHERS Necklace and Bracelet Set Turquoise and Blues ColorsVery pretty, and unique, carefully created using hundreds of Swarovski Crystals & Seed Beads, Sterling Silver, Gemstone Moonstone & Sterling Silver matching clasps. Feathers are made of Sterling Silver too. The pendant is handmade too!

then there is this "SEArene" Seahorse Bracelet , handmade OOAK made with hundreds of tiny seed beads, genuine Swarovski crystls, and a polymer clay focal piece created by a talented etsy artisan. One end is left unfinished so she can adjust to fit YOU!

Then....for a current knitting or crocheting project, groceries, combination purse and shopping tote, business, school, work, and so much more she has... Tulips TeeTotes
She has so much more to offer! Stop by and visit her at her shop
Or visit her blog
and see what she has to say!


SpottedCow said...

One should know that those totes that Lily offers hold a lot of stuff! I LOVE mine!

Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry said...

What a unique shop! & a great posting Dayna!! :)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Dayna for the beautiful feature, and what you said in the thread. I will look and the piece you spoke of to be moved, a lot of the items in my other shop should be re-photographed before moving them to Tulip's.


Kylie B said...

Oh wow wht beautiful goodies ou found on Etsy! Love them!