Vanilla Joy Craft Giveaway Spectacular

I ran across this web site a couple days ago and really didn't have time to spend perusing so just popped it into my Google Reader. I'm glad I did. She has such fantastic giveaway contests for crafters! If you do any crafting at all you should check it out! I mean....who wouldn't want to win free stuff!

If you spend a little time as I have this morning you will find some neat links. Vanilla Joy is all about family fun. You can learn about kids face painting, about discipline for children, or obaji skin care and I specially liked this one creative date ideas! Just because I'm married doesn't mean I can't plan a date with hubby! There is even a link to take surveys for money! Interesting way to make a little cash! It's a fun place to go and it really has some interesting things going on. Stop by and check it out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information and link Dayna.

Your have such a pretty blog.


::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

Thanks for the links! I am checking out the Creative Date Ideas!

Also, I'm having my first giveaway today! I wrote all about it on my blog if you want to check it out. :)

Enjoy your weekend!