Another Day....

It's always a blessing when you open your eyes and realize you have awoken to another day. Now it is almost over...but I'm thankful for all that it gave me in those hours since I awoke. I made new friends on an Etsy group called the Boomers. They all sound like they would be great fun if you could get them in a room together. But then again....isn't that what the Internet allows us to do? I finished a half dozen crayon aprons. How I wish I had one of the grandchildren close so they could model them for me. They are in bright colors like little kids love. We also got our weekly staple shopping done. Once again cleared the driveway of snow as well as the deck. The temps are rising and may get above freezing tomorrow. We spent time with friends yesterday and now it is time for hubby and I to enjoy our weekly date. Popcorn and Iron Chef America! Even the Scotties will be there awaiting their fair share . Tomorrow I hope to do some photos to replace some that I am not happy with on Etsy and do some work with my Flickr account.
Oh....Did I tell you the lovely green and white baby quilt sold within a few hours of my listing it? It was a favorite of mine. Just something about the colors and the textures. Time to go. God Bless you all!

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