In Memory - LBR

Love Bug Rachael crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonite. At best guess she was around 18 years old. This photo had been taken earlier today with her Mom Judy. She will leave a big scottie shaped hole in her heart. Run LBR. Run swiftly little girl.


Katya said...

Aw, that is too bad...what a long life she had, though!

I was talking to the UPS man yesterday...I hadn't spoken to him much in a long time. He told me they had to put down their German Shepherd around Christmas. I said that was too bad, but he reminded me that our pets live such short, but wonderful lives. They are here a short time, but teach us so much!
And I thought that his attitude was so good. After all, we do learn a good deal from our Scots, don't we!

Hugs to Judy. I know how hard it is to let our "babies" go....

liv said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dear friend's crossing over. My Kodi has been gone for several years now but he still lives in my heart.

Liv (Filigree Garden)