The part I hate most about sewing.....

I love to sew.... I've been sewing since I was around 6 years old I guess. When my kids were little I sewed their clothes for them and made quilts and crocheted afghans for them and everyone else. Through the years the sewing machine has been idle for extended periods of time except to mend things or make a new set of curtains. I've been at it again for a few years and keep two machines and a serger running almost all the time. EXCEPT.....when I have to cut things out to sew. Oh how I hate that part. Fitting the patterns onto the fabric so everything lines up the way you want it to and you don't waste fabric. I wish the sewing fairies would come during the night and cut a stack of things out for me to do. I spent all day yesterday cutting. All this morning adding things to my Etsy shop. Baby Blanket wraps (using a teddy bear as a baby for photographing how they work), westie sweatshirts and my favorite Scottie Bling sweatshirts. Now I get to go sew! Valentine's place mats to start with. Don't know how many of those I cut out yesterday but I know the arthritis in these old hands really acted up by the end of the day.
Take care everyone. Remember to smile and God Bless!

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