I hate it when I have a plan in mind and then halfway through a project I decide that maybe I should change it....then maybe I shouldn't.....then maybe.....oh all know what I mean. Been working on this baby quilt. It is a combination of vintage chenille, flannels, several different minky textures. Wanted touchy feely for the baby....know what I mean? Also want pretty. Originally I was going to do a row of white ribbed blocks around the outside edge. Note the stack of fresh cut squares to the right.

Then I just happen to think that maybe the white would be too much so looked at maybe a border of the darker green flannel. That's what it is laying on to the right. The back will be a heavy white flannel and it will have warm & white batting in between. Here's another photo. Any thoughts are welcome.

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Katya said...

Well, I do think the green offers a nice contrast, but also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE white for babies, thinking there is nothing more wonderful than a baby wrapped in white.

So....hahaha! I am REALLY helpful, eh?