Progress on a the wiring

A friend came over today to give us a hand working on our model railroad layout. Had a tricky wiring problem that took some doing to track down. Who would have thought that brand new wires would be the issue. Three different times we cut new wire and three times it shorted the system out. Thank goodness we don't need to use much more of it. They don't make anything like they used to anymore.
These are some old pictures...We have made much progress since these were taken. I will get new ones soon.

Now we have snow again! I love awakening and seeing the trees behind the house covered with the new fallen snow. What will God have for me to see in the morning?


Katya said...

Dayna, what a lovely setup that is! It looks pretty intricate...electricity is one of those things that just totally stymies me...

And, speaking of wiring....We went over to my MIL's house and Ben hung a lamp that Mark rewired. The old socket had a problem. Wires had gotten twisted and the thing shorted. Thankfully, MIL was smart enough to bring in a lamp from another room and leave that one turned off.

Mark talked to his mom a couple of days later and she told him that the globe on the light was blackened and smoke was coming out of the ceiling. Only after a few minutes did she crack up and tell Mark she was only KIDDING!

Mark then put Ben on the phone and my MIL told him the same story. Poor Ben. Mark said he looked so worried!....crazy Ukrainians!!!!!

Pam said...

What a big job this must be to get everything ready. I am always amazed at the model railroad train setups and the people who create them! Have a wonderful open house.