from forum to blog to etsy to purchase!

I was checking out some forums on Etsy last night and one was about something that made you feel good today. I followed the link to a few blogs and read down a bit on a couple. It was interesting to see what made people feel good that day. On a blog called azalea-lane-originals as I scrolled down I read about her new Etsy find. It was a beautiful beaded wire wrapped cross. She purchased it from so off I went to see what they had. My birthday is in February and my birthstone is amethyst and I like purple. So here is my purchase.......
I look forward to receiving it.
Lesson is....ya just never know where reading the forums is gonna take ya! God Bless and have a sparklin' day!

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Wendy said...

Oh, that's a pretty one! I absolutely LOVE mine, and I am so glad you found one you liked. You will really like it, I'm sure!