Good Moooornnning World!

The cold weather has gone....for the day...40 degrees today and back down to about 5 degrees again tomorrow. That's okay. I have work to do and a whole passle of new creative friends to share with. It's official....I am now a Backyard Boomer! Or a Boomer blogger! They all make such lovely things. Look for them here in the future as I will definitely want you to see what they are offering.
But today I also have some more good news that has nothing to do with Etsy although Karrie does have an etsy shop here.
Karrie has adopted another horse that she helped rescue from certain death in December. Rez was part of a rescue effort she took part in. He is such a beauty isn't he? I have a soft spot for rescue. I hate it when any animal is mistreated and love to see happy endings like this. Now....who will be the first boomer to comment? I'll feature you in tomorrow's blog!


Chauncey said...

I love an animal happy ending myself, Dayna!

Dayna said...

We will see you here when the sun rises in the morning!

ZudaGay said...

What a lovely horse!! How could anyone mistreat an animal?? Or a child!!!