In Memory - LBR

Love Bug Rachael crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonite. At best guess she was around 18 years old. This photo had been taken earlier today with her Mom Judy. She will leave a big scottie shaped hole in her heart. Run LBR. Run swiftly little girl.

She thinks......"character lives large in small"

She paints....this is a little 5" x 4.75" tiny but bold painting. I fell in love with it. The colors are so crisp and bold. She likes scissors. No ... she LOVES scissors and has an afinity for vintage fabrics, notions, trinkets and papers.

Joonbeam loves bits and pieces, odd & ends and little snippets. She creates from all the leftovers that she finds and stashes away until the day her mind has an idea and a use for them.

She lives and creates in Massachusettes along with her talented family. Stop by and visit her shop "Joonbeam...recycled art with heart". You'll be awhile as you wander through and see what her talent has lent itelf to. Oh yeah....stop by her website and read her blog. Get some insight into the person behind the talent.

Chauncey Design

Who would figure that something with such beauty could be produced in a dungeon? That's where Eileen of Chauncey Design says she creates her pieces of glass beauties. This piece named "Petite Pink Swirl" would make a lovely, lovely Valentines Day gift for any lady in your life! And she packages all her fine pieces in a jewelry box so all you need is a ribbon and your gift will be ready to present.
She has something for everyone. So just drop on by to Chauncey Designs and find that perfect gift for that special someone.
You'll be glad you did!

Good Moooornnning World!

The cold weather has gone....for the day...40 degrees today and back down to about 5 degrees again tomorrow. That's okay. I have work to do and a whole passle of new creative friends to share with. It's official....I am now a Backyard Boomer! Or a Boomer blogger! They all make such lovely things. Look for them here in the future as I will definitely want you to see what they are offering.
But today I also have some more good news that has nothing to do with Etsy although Karrie does have an etsy shop here.
Karrie has adopted another horse that she helped rescue from certain death in December. Rez was part of a rescue effort she took part in. He is such a beauty isn't he? I have a soft spot for rescue. I hate it when any animal is mistreated and love to see happy endings like this. Now....who will be the first boomer to comment? I'll feature you in tomorrow's blog!

Another Day....

It's always a blessing when you open your eyes and realize you have awoken to another day. Now it is almost over...but I'm thankful for all that it gave me in those hours since I awoke. I made new friends on an Etsy group called the Boomers. They all sound like they would be great fun if you could get them in a room together. But then again....isn't that what the Internet allows us to do? I finished a half dozen crayon aprons. How I wish I had one of the grandchildren close so they could model them for me. They are in bright colors like little kids love. We also got our weekly staple shopping done. Once again cleared the driveway of snow as well as the deck. The temps are rising and may get above freezing tomorrow. We spent time with friends yesterday and now it is time for hubby and I to enjoy our weekly date. Popcorn and Iron Chef America! Even the Scotties will be there awaiting their fair share . Tomorrow I hope to do some photos to replace some that I am not happy with on Etsy and do some work with my Flickr account.
Oh....Did I tell you the lovely green and white baby quilt sold within a few hours of my listing it? It was a favorite of mine. Just something about the colors and the textures. Time to go. God Bless you all!

Dang! More to learn!

I don't know just how much more this old brain can wrap itself around but I just set up a Flickr account. So much stuff to figure out. I think I was born to early for all these technical computer things. Gonna take me awhile to get all the photos uploaded seein' as I'm sewing and uploading to Etsy just about every day. Another dang thing they say I should learn is how to set up an Etsy mini. I'm still learnin' how ta take a picture! It will get done. For now I am going to bid you all a good night and go see how much new snow we have. Then I'm gonna get some shut eye.

It's barely past 9:30 A.M. and ....

I read my emails and got hubby off to work. Finished 24 more place mats for Valentines Day. Check out Can you guess the holiday I am working on???? to see what fabrics I used. Add these to the ones I did the other day and I think I have enough! I also checked out the Etsy forums to see what is up and found this chainsaw carved chair. Check it out at I sent the listing to my friend Karrie a.k.a. The Chainsaw Chick. She carved the sign that greets you as you drive up out driveway.
Check out her website.
Next project is .... oh yeah .... gotta do laundry. You'd think I could train the dogs to do it for me! Then it's back to the machine. I cut out some more crayon aprons and need to sew them together.
Oh....and I fell in love with this artist's glass beads. Would love a bunch to hang in my office window for the sun to shine through.
Now play nice everyone and I'll be back later!

New listing and a run around day!

This morning before the chickens were even up I was entering listings in my Etsy shop. That and laundry and trying to answer emails. Dogs wanted attention and had to get hubby up and out. I did get the rest of the brag books entered and some place mats. Some with Scotties and some with a Valentine theme. I also listed this gorgeous red and white baby quilt. Now that it's done I keep thinking I should have made it bigger and kept it for myself. It's done with chenille and minky mink and is soooooo soft. You can check out the listing here And while your there just browse around to see what's on the shelves these days.
Then I was off and running. Store after store after store and still was not able to find what I wanted. Did come home with more fabric though. Never have enough fabric. I need to start thinking about packing the fleece up for the season though. It would make some space in the sewing room. Pretty soon I'll get lost in there and no one will ever find me!
Hubby is home and time to fix supper. That's a good thing because I'm starving. Catch ya all later.

If you're like me you like to brag!

And when you brag you like to pull out that little book of photos to show off the kids or grand babies or fur kids (or all three!) Maybe it was your vacation trip to the Bahamas or the cruise around the world. Today I made a bunch of those neat little brag books and you can see a few here. Nice size to stuff in your purse...holds 24 photos and you can find them and others o my Etsy sight! Yup.... that's where they'll be alright. So hurry on down and sit a spell. Browse through and see what I have to offer and stroll on along and check out some of the shops that I have in my favorites. There is some really nice stuff out there just waitin' for a new home. Good night all! God Bless and hope ta see ya tomorrow!

Wordless Wednesday

My favorite view and my Coneflower patch

Even in winter my little coneflower patch provides me with "blooms"! Guess I never clipped the stems this past fall.

This is the view that gets photographed the most. I take photos of it most every month as the seasons change and it is beautiful all the time. If you enlarge you can see the two sets of deer tracks just past the trees.

Scottish Terrier Rescue

For those that know me Scotties are near and dear to my heart and for us rescued Scotties are the only way to go. We have five ... Bert who is 9, Sam E who is 12, Miss Sassy who is 12, Mr. Murphy who is the baby at 7 and the last to join us this past October is Miss Katie and she is 12 also. Miss Katie came from a rescue in Minnesota called Memory of Monroe Scottie Rescue. Here is a link to their website Jan Seeger is a wonderful lady and is really passionate about Scotties. She covers the state of Wisconsin where I live also. Every year they have fund raisers and I donate items for the silent auction but this year something prompted me to do more. Sooo...I decided that every Scottie going through Memory of Monroe should have a doggie coat to call their very own. Some of these dogs come from puppy mills and have never had a kind word or a gentle touch. They have been so very cold in winter and stifling hot in summer. For them having a full tummy and a soft warm place to lie down instead of a bare wire cage is like heaven. Many have very sparse fur and are skinny so they can't retain the heat. And so far this winter in our area it has been cold. Jan sent me a photo of one of the latest little girls that is going to her new home this coming Saturday wearing hers. Her name is Carmel. She sure looks like a sweetheart.

You may not all be interested in may be another breed that captures your heart. That's okay. But...if you are interested in getting a new dog...please think about contacting the breed rescue of your choice and adopting an older dog. It is so rewarding. In the meantime....donate to rescue or your local shelter. Money, time, food. Even a dollar or a can of cat food helps them. There are other Scottie organizations that we donate to. They will also some day find themselves in print here at the Scottie Acres Blog. God Bless all those who work in rescue.

from forum to blog to etsy to purchase!

I was checking out some forums on Etsy last night and one was about something that made you feel good today. I followed the link to a few blogs and read down a bit on a couple. It was interesting to see what made people feel good that day. On a blog called azalea-lane-originals as I scrolled down I read about her new Etsy find. It was a beautiful beaded wire wrapped cross. She purchased it from so off I went to see what they had. My birthday is in February and my birthstone is amethyst and I like purple. So here is my purchase.......
I look forward to receiving it.
Lesson is....ya just never know where reading the forums is gonna take ya! God Bless and have a sparklin' day!

Long Cooooold day....

Awoke to -13 with wind chills dipping down into the 30 something below this morning. Dogs didn't even want to go out their doggie door. Had a convention meeting and a BOD meeting so were gone for most of the day. Had to stop for groceries and gas on the way home. Just hot soup and Italian bread for supper. It was still warm when we bought it but not for long.

I started writing this morning about a woman I met at WalMart the other day in the fabric department. Then my posting went off into cyberspace somewhere never to be seen again. Oh how I hate that....
Anyway....she was trying to match up a fabric she had and shy, introvert that I am I gave her my unsolicited opinion. We started talking about what she was doing. She scours the thrift stores for vintage towels and linens and uses them for aprons on little girls dresses. Here is one she listed in her Etsy store. She and her sister are just starting out and there store is Her sister does frames and she also makes some neat purses like the one above. She doesn't live far from me so maybe I will run into her again.

The part I hate most about sewing.....

I love to sew.... I've been sewing since I was around 6 years old I guess. When my kids were little I sewed their clothes for them and made quilts and crocheted afghans for them and everyone else. Through the years the sewing machine has been idle for extended periods of time except to mend things or make a new set of curtains. I've been at it again for a few years and keep two machines and a serger running almost all the time. EXCEPT.....when I have to cut things out to sew. Oh how I hate that part. Fitting the patterns onto the fabric so everything lines up the way you want it to and you don't waste fabric. I wish the sewing fairies would come during the night and cut a stack of things out for me to do. I spent all day yesterday cutting. All this morning adding things to my Etsy shop. Baby Blanket wraps (using a teddy bear as a baby for photographing how they work), westie sweatshirts and my favorite Scottie Bling sweatshirts. Now I get to go sew! Valentine's place mats to start with. Don't know how many of those I cut out yesterday but I know the arthritis in these old hands really acted up by the end of the day.
Take care everyone. Remember to smile and God Bless!

Can you guess the holiday I am working on????

It is snowing and other than shoveling off the deck so the fur kids can do their thing I will be ensconced in the sewing room. Bet ya can't guess what holiday I am working on?

stop by and visit my Etsy shop....It's open 24 hours a day so you can shop at your leisure!

Make paying bills less painful!

Let your check book cover bring a smile to your face. Today I started adding some of the cute, funky and classy check book covers to my store. Why do we want to hang on to those dull drab covers that the banks hand out. Get something that says something about your likes or dislikes or about your personality. Or even better....get one of mine that has Scotties on them of course!

Wordless Wednesday

It's a switchplate day

I have lotsa neat little things that I make. Just because I feel like it. Ya know.....when you get into a rut doing the same thing all the time. Awhile back I did some switch plates with fabric and decoupage. Today I loaded some into my etsy store I sold them at a Scottie collectors luncheon. Nice touch for bathrooms, kids rooms or wherever. They make a neat addition to a basket for a shower gift or add it to the package as a decoration along with a ribbon. These are just a sampling. I can do any variety of designs.


I hate it when I have a plan in mind and then halfway through a project I decide that maybe I should change it....then maybe I shouldn't.....then maybe.....oh all know what I mean. Been working on this baby quilt. It is a combination of vintage chenille, flannels, several different minky textures. Wanted touchy feely for the baby....know what I mean? Also want pretty. Originally I was going to do a row of white ribbed blocks around the outside edge. Note the stack of fresh cut squares to the right.

Then I just happen to think that maybe the white would be too much so looked at maybe a border of the darker green flannel. That's what it is laying on to the right. The back will be a heavy white flannel and it will have warm & white batting in between. Here's another photo. Any thoughts are welcome.


Computers....Can't live with them when they act up but get withdrawal when they need to go into the shop. Thank goodness I have more than one. Oh how I don't want to reformat...No I don't....It won't happen....will it?
Other than that I had a great afternoon with friends. Introduced them to a supper club that opened near here and has all you can eat chicken dinners for $7.95. Soup, salad, potatoes and dressing included.
More snow. It actually snowed off and on all day. Not much more accumulation but boy does it make the forest behind the house look pretty. I could sit here all day and look at the picture God has painted for me. No matter what time of year it is beautiful.

Progress on a the wiring

A friend came over today to give us a hand working on our model railroad layout. Had a tricky wiring problem that took some doing to track down. Who would have thought that brand new wires would be the issue. Three different times we cut new wire and three times it shorted the system out. Thank goodness we don't need to use much more of it. They don't make anything like they used to anymore.
These are some old pictures...We have made much progress since these were taken. I will get new ones soon.

Now we have snow again! I love awakening and seeing the trees behind the house covered with the new fallen snow. What will God have for me to see in the morning?

Did I Do It????

Being that I am technically challenged I'm not sure if the Blog did or did not get set up! Time will tell and I am too tired to worry about it any more tonight. If this shows up then I know I'm on my way into the 21st century!

Thought for the New Year

Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.
-- Og Mandino